Why Time Tracking Software Can Help Your Employees

Time is nothing more than a tool to achieve goals. And in today’s fast pace of life, it has become especially important for companies to monitor how effective their employees use this resource. Most small and mid-size businesses have a physical office.

But even if they use traditional time tracking methods, both employers and employees constantly face time-management-related issues. These can be a miscalculation of project deadlines, need to prepare weekly payrolls manually, the wrong estimation of the project costs. Overall, poor time control results in a massive waste of resources.

And the pandemic made it even more difficult to control a regular setup. Many business owners were forced to switch their staff to a remote format. It became almost impossible to maintain a clear control of their working hours. And time tracking software can become an effective solution.

Moreover, telecommuting does not seem to be canceled after the quarantine. Every fifth company is going to employ at least 20% of remote workers on a permanent basis. And building a remote infrastructure is not possible without an efficient time tracking approach.

How Does Time Tracking Software Work?

Time tracker is a relatively new software that allows you to monitor time distribution. Its algorithm is pretty simple. It measures and records the time a person spent on certain things. It is done in order to obtain the necessary information about how you and your team use time. The results will help identify when you are productive and not and what types of activities bring efficient results. There will be no more excuses for checking private emails and social network accounts using cooltechzone.com. The analysis of time tracking results will help you use time more effectively and surge your productivity.

Timekeeping software is used in all industries, and it is especially convenient for freelancers, hourly and remote employees.

The Advantages of Time Tracking for the Staff

This software is often considered a management tool. Experts say companies can improve their revenues by at least 7% with time tracking software. But it has many benefits for employees. Time control tools can become a productivity booster for every team member. People intentionally or unintentionally waste time during working hours. 48% of US employees have to take work home as a result of ineffective time distribution at work. It can be avoided if all working processes are better controlled.

Improved project management

It is not a rare case that some company projects overlap. Delays always affect your relationships with customers. With a proper time-tracking plan, you will immediately know the time required for each task for project milestones. Many projects consist of similar stages, and you will be able to build a true-to-life time pattern and set realistic deadlines. This approach will reshape the capacity of your working day into a more productive direction allowing you to maximally drive your efficiency.

Automated payrolls and profit assessment

Some companies and people keep calculating wages manually, which becomes a real hassle and a source of many mistakes. Time monitoring apps keep track of everything a person does while working. It eliminates the need to remember and keep everything in your head and helps avoid errors. Automatic notes are much more convenient than paper timesheets. In business, every detail has its own price, and working hours should be properly recorded. You can also check if you have been paid in full and timely by activating automatic checkouts. A time tracking program will become an excellent solution for this routine.

Creating better schedules

These programs will generate reports on the used time. Having accurate data on how long a particular type of work takes, it is easier to plan the day, week, and even month. It will allow an employee to coordinate the work in the right direction. If you are using time tracking software, you can instantly run reports on different types of tasks and the timing required to complete them. The convenience and usefulness of the time tracker are obvious here. Knowing average task length, you can assess whether you are really making a profit or, on the contrary, you end up with a loss. That stats show that a person spends roughly four hours a week on unproductive things. The daily statistics of the time tracking software will teach you how to schedule tasks and alternate the intense work with short breaks.

Training self-discipline

A time tracker will allow you to find out where exactly you waste your time and give you a chance to eliminate bad habits. The program increases staff productivity by at least 20%. The manager does not need to tightly control the staff anymore. The employee has direct access to all records and can control his productivity. Time tracking software works well for both office companies and remote workers. The minimization of social media use will switch your work in a state of flow and boost your concentration.

How to Implement Time Tracking?

There will always be employees who are against the installation of time tracking software. And it is the task of the leader to prepare the team for this innovation in a smooth manner. Step-by-step implementation is more efficient and minimizes staff frustration. It is vital to lay the foundation for a healthy tracker implementation. The employees should be explained the reason for installing the tracker and what results in you plan to get. The main aim is not to position the service as a method of total control. The staff should clearly understand what tasks the tracker will solve and how it will affect the optimization of work and employees in particular. It will be difficult to achieve success without motivation. The leaders should set inspiring goals, allowing employees to get financial rewards for high productivity.

Modern time tracking programs can be easily integrated with all business processes. They allow you to create schedules with a system of reminders, projects with a hierarchy of responsibilities, generate reports of almost any type, remotely manage a team. There are solutions for small and large-scale companies. The time tracker is designed not only for recording the hours worked but also for building high-quality relationships between the employees and the management.


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