‘We learned a lot of lessons…’ GT’s Living Foods discontinues Dream Catcher CBD line

Like many CBD-infused beverages, Dream Catcher​ – a sparkling water featuring 25mg of CBD via a broad spectrum hemp extract, caffeine from coffeeberry, raw apple cider vinegar, vitamins, and plant extracts – has suffered from the regulatory uncertainty surrounding ingestible CBD, which the FDA says it not a legal dietary ingredient as it was first investigated as a drug.

As a result, while several states have explicitly permitted the sale of CBD-infused foods and supplements, many top retailers are still waiting until there is clarity either from the FDA, or from Congress​, as to the ingredient’s legal status at a federal level, GT told FoodNavigator-USA.

Regulatory challenges certainly played a role in the decision to retire Dream Catcher, but it wasn’t the only one. In many ways it was a little bit ahead of its time, but every founder needs to learn from mistakes, and there have been a lot of lessons that I’ve learned.”

One lesson was that combining CBD, which is purported to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, with a stimulant such as caffeine in order to achieve “calm, clear, focused energy” ​didn’t necessarily make sense to consumers trying Dream Catcher, who associated the word ‘dream’ with winding down at the end of the day and getting ready to sleep, rather than feeling focused during the work day, he said.

“I overlooked the weight of the word ‘dream.’ Consumers need explicit clarity about what products are, what the benefit is, and what the usage occasion might be. People were drinking it as a sleep aid and it was a kind of unclear proposition.”

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