Top Millennial Influencers of 2021

Millennials currently make up the largest generation in the workforce, according to Pew Research Center, which means they also have huge buying power. This group of consumers are more likely to spend their money online and are willing to pay top dollar for popular and luxury items. They also have a habit of spending money on fashion and technology recreationally.

One of the best ways to reach millennial consumers is through millennial influencers. Ninety-one percent of millennials say they trust online reviews — including from influencers — as much as the advice of family and friends. Take a look at some of the top millennial influencers on social media that can help your brand make an impact with this active generation of consumers.

Vanessa Hudgens — 47.4M total followers

top millennial influencer vanessa hudgens

As a celebrity influencer, Vanessa Hudgens can help skyrocket brand recognition by getting your product or service in front of millions of eyes. The singer, actress, and producer has social media presence on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest, and her highest follower count is on Facebook. Genres of interest to her audience include style, music, art and beauty. Hudgens’ collaborations have included Neutrogena skin care products, AVIA activewear and Suistudio suiting brand.

Aislinn Derbez — 11.1M total followers

top millennial influencer aislinn derbez

Aislinn Derbez is a Mexican actress, producer and entrepreneur who has a mega-influencer following on Instagram. Her lifestyle brand is called La Magia del Caos — The Magic of Chaos — for which she has a podcast and blog. Her passion is to explore the meaning of our lives. Genres of focus that may match with your brand include mental, physical, spiritual and physical health; relationships; parenting; nutrition; and mysticism.

Chris Heria — 10.8M total followers

top millennial influencer chris heria

This millennial fitness influencer has several million followers on YouTube, and you can also find him on Instagram and Facebook. He’s a self-made bodybuilder from Miami, Florida, who’s developed a program of health and fitness through calisthenics and healthy eating. Through his website, app and social media channels, Chris Heria instructs people on how to use bodyweight and minimal equipment to transform their bodies. Heria also has a presence on the major music platforms with his original tunes.

Vy Qwaint — 10.7M total followers

top millennial influencer vy qwaint

Vy Qwaint is an actress and lifestyle videographer. She’s known for her fun hack videos, which she posts for over 10M subscribers on YouTube. Topics include fashion, DIYs and makeup as well as comical challenge videos with her influencer friends and husband. Brands looking to target millennial and Gen Z women will find a large audience with Vy. You’ll also find this influencer on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.

Josh Peck — 10.5M total followers

top millennial influencer josh peck

This celebrity influencer is a comedic actor who got his start as a child actor in the Nickelodeon series “Drake and Josh.” Josh Peck’s social media content covers a variety of lifestyle topics, including his family, all with a comedic element. Brand partnerships include Cadillac, Visible Mobile, Vitafusion and Bank of America. Josh’s largest following is on Instagram, but he also has millions of fans on YouTube and Twitter.

Ed Westwick — 9.39M total followers

top millennial influencer ed westwick

From England, Ed Westwick is an actor, musician and producer whose largest social media presence is on Instagram. He posts content about his movies, travels and life in general. He’s also very popular on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. Men’s fashion brands would have a natural fit partnering with Westwick, and collaborations include athletic brand K-Swiss. The actor is best known for his role in the television series “Gossip Girl.”

Zane Hijazi — 9.17M total followers

top millennial influencer zane hijazi

Zane Hijazi gained his influencer status as a hilarious Viner and now has a dedicated following on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. His audience loves his wacky antics, but they’re also exposed to his brand collaborations. These collaborations have included projects with Epic Games, The Purge TV, SwagBucks and HBO Max.

Philip DeFranco — 8.25M total followers

top millennial influencer philip defranco

Philip DeFranco has been contributing to the social media scene for over 15 years, earning him a Shorty Award nomination as Creator of the Decade. His YouTube channel, The Philip DeFranco Show, is currently his biggest draw with over 6M subscribers. In this daily talk show, he offers his views on the news and pop culture. DeFranco is also very popular on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook, offering brands a mega-influencer who will reach an audience across multiple social media channels.

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