Top Facebook Marketing Trends of 2021

With a new slate of audio tools just introduced by Facebook, there are even more ways to market your company. A new version of the Rooms feature allows you to connect with others through an audio-only format comparable to Clubhouse. Host names can be found at the top of the screen, and listeners can tune in to various Rooms below. Rooms can be made public or private, depending on the desire of the host. Facebook is also working on allowing users to monetize rooms, either as a fee for single use or a subscription.

To get the widest reach, users will have the ability to turn live conversations into podcasts. Facebook sees this service as particularly valuable to members of Facebook Groups and believes it will allow like-minded users to engage with one another. With over 1.8 billion people participating in Facebook Groups each month, this opens up a whole new marketing audience for businesses.

Soundbites is another audio tool coming out on Facebook. It will allow users to create audio snippets using a variety of special effects. For people who enjoy podcasts, Facebook will be offering new tools that will make finding podcasts easier and listening to them more enjoyable.

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