The Pinterest Creator Code and Other New Creator Features

Certain social media platforms, such as YouTube, allow content creators to earn from their content directly via ad monetization. Such programs are enticing for creators — they’re basically a guarantee that creators will be able to easily generate revenue if they manage to attain an audience on the platform.

Pinterest is different. No such direct monetization model exists. Creators are forced to rely on sponsorships and affiliate marketing revenue. These monetization avenues are viable but somewhat unreliable, and they require an extra step beyond content creation in order to get paid.

The Creator Fund aims to change all of that. Right now, with only $500,000 invested and fewer than a dozen creators able to access it, the Creator Fund is undeniably limited in scope — but then again, it’s still in its early stages. Absent the introduction of a direct monetization model, if initial testing goes well, we expect this Creator Fund to grow substantially in the following months and years.

The idea of paying creators directly may seem overly ambitious at first — but Pinterest isn’t the first social network to think up such an idea. Clubhouse, also without a direct monetization model, launched a similar feature, Clubhouse Creators First.

These fiscal initiatives will allow Clubhouse and Pinterest to compete with the platforms that have direct monetization models.

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