The Best Podcasts for Influencers, by Influencers

A podcast is a great way to talk to people in the industry. When you invite someone onto your podcast, you are opening them up to your audience. After you post the podcast, they will share it with their audience, growing your reach. Listening to other influencers’ podcasts might inspire you to start your own.

Worth mentioning is the new Clubhouse app, a platform for audio-only interactions with speakers and entrepreneurs. It is similar to podcasts but more interactive. This app is only for Apple devices and is invite-only. You are granted access by other users on the platform, so if you have a friend who uses the app they may be able to let you in and grow your audience there.

The opportunity to collaborate may be one of the reasons podcasts for influencers are so popular today. Sharing experiences and bouncing ideas off of each other is a great way to learn more about the industry and work together with people who have different perspectives.

You will of course walk your own path as an influencer. You can make that path a little easier to walk if you learn from others who have been on a similar path. Learning from people who have done what you want to do is the best way to get there faster.

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