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Fashion is an intense world with new trends to explore each day. But what’s best about fashion is that you can tweak it to your personal style and create an amazing never-seen-before look, and rock it with your signature touch. And the one way to show your personal favorite pickups is to wear them on your own runway: the streets. Street style has been a favorite among style lovers for a long time now. People love getting all dolled up and walking around their chic attire to work, shop or just have the thrill of it. 

Street style can be amazingly affordable and cute, but if you have reasons to be out and about almost daily, coming up with new chic fit ideas can be quite difficult. You might feel your creative juices are thralled. At such times it’s great to look for great style info, and now that the whole world is at your fingertips, it wouldn’t hurt to know what street styles are trending around the globe. So whether you are looking for clothing inspo or just want to see what people consider stylish in the faraway corners of the world, keep reading!

Street Style looks Around the World

New York

The city that never sleeps, New York, is a great place to begin seeing streetwear styles. Considering that the city is always awake, you will get to see countless amazing and elegant chic outwears all day long, through the night. Now that is certainly amazing, right? New Yorkers are all about color-popping leather trench coats in the winters and cool florals in the spring and love themselves a good fit. 

But what is typical to New York street fashion is sneakers. They are great matches with almost any outfit you can think of and look extremely yet effortlessly stylish when paired with oversized tees. The one brand that you need to bring out on the New York streets is Vlone. The Harlem street brand has got the essence of New York just right. You could try their Nav Vlone Dead T-shirt to recreate New York looks and rock cool vibes all through the city!


London is classier than ever when it comes to street style, and mostly the people there care all about balance. The one look the people love to rock is shorts, which are a bit risque considering the outfit culture of the city, but looks great when matched with modest blouses. Checked jumpsuits are a must, and if you find yourself a great polka dress, even better!

Lately, monochrome looks are finding great appreciation in London streets, while leather jackets are all the hype, too. The Brits also love taking some risks by stepping out of the protocols and wearing evening dresses during the day or wearing wild patterns. Totally fab, right! However, the one thing that Londoners have got especially right is their vintage fits. The city has a great culture, but their dresses are greater. 

street style


Seoul, Korea, has been receiving refreshed attention for style and fashion inspiration since the rise of the Kpop idols and for good reasons, too. One glimpse at the streets of Seoul will have you gushing to try their hip hop and rock outfit matches. Presently, black is the color of choice in Seoul, and people don’t shy away from all-black outfits. But that doesn’t mean the streets lack any color. If anything, Koreans do love neon pops, and if missed with black, you get the best of both worlds.

But again, because style is an expression of individuality, you can see plenty of all-white fits from dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts. Another trend dominating the street style of Seoul is baggy clothing. Baggy jeans are the way to go for many, and sweatshirts are pretty popular too. However, you can also see great tailored fits if you like some class!


The fashion capital of the world never fails to impress when it comes to style, and the street fashion of Milan is just a reflection of that. The city has no shortage of brand labels, and people love getting their hands on the latest releases. Lace dresses are quite the rage in the city, and white fits suit the vibe of the place exceptionally well. Still bright, vibrant clothes are the epitome of fashion in Milan, essentially if people are looking to turn some heads.

Considering the latest trends, Milan has quite the soft spot for fringes, whether it is featured on clothes, boots, or accessories. Of course, rubber boots are also quite the catch in the city, and if you happen to have a pair from a limited edition release, all the better. All-weather stompers paired with leather fits are a must-see once in a while on the streets of Milan.


Europe has a great affection for style, and the Paris street fashion is proof of that. When it comes to style in Paris, accessories are a must. People love having a good collection of jewelry, sunglasses, clutches, bags, and scarves and flaunting them on a casual stroll on the streets of the most romantic city in the world. The city is highly fashion-conscious and loves experimenting with the latest styles to create something new with each fit. 

Vibrant colors are a staple of the city whether you are there for sightseeing or are a local enjoying some hot chocolate in an elegant french bakery. People like wearing all styles from bell-bottoms, boot cuts, and fitted trousers. Hats are certainly a fashion statement on the streets, and a trendy bag is all you need to complete the look.  


The street style in Sydney, Australia, never disappoints. What is best about the style is that you could keep tabs on their style today and up your closet for when that particular season arrives at your place and still be considered fashionable. The Aussies are presently into colored prints on black or white garments. You can see prints ranging from geometrical shapes and florals to solid colors. 

Mixing and matching is a staple in the Aussie style, and people love indulging in a good monochrome fit. Surfer tees are the classic street style in Sydney and can be either paired with black or white shorts to create an effortless outfit.

Street style around the world is a way for people to express their uniqueness and portray an effortless charisma. So do try these looks, and have a great day strolling the city!

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