Texas Instruments TMAG5123 High-Voltage Hall-Effect Switch

Texas Instruments TMAG5123 High-Voltage Hall-Effect Switch is a chopper-stabilized omnipolar, active-low, in-plane, Hall-effect switch sensor. The TMAG5123 eases mechanical placement of the sensor by measuring magnetic fields parallel to the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB) in a surface mount SOT-23 package.

Different sensitivity levels are available to match the specific requirement of the application. When the applied magnetic flux density value exceeds the operating point (BOP) threshold in absolute magnetic field values, the open-drain output produces a low-state voltage. The output remains low until the applied field decreases to less than the release point (BRP) threshold also in absolute terms.

The Texas Instruments TMAG5123 incorporates a wide 2.5V to 38V operating voltage range and reverse polarity protection of up to -20V, enabling robust operation for industrial applications.


  • In-plane, omnipolar Hall-effect switch
  • High magnetic sensitivity
    • TMAG5123B (4.1mT (typical))
    • TMAG5123C (7.5mT (typical))
    • TMAG5123D (10.9mT (typical))
  • Supports a wide voltage range
    • 2.5V to 38V operating VCC range
    • No external regulator required
  • Wide operating temperature range
    • -40°C to +125°C ambient operating temperature range
  • 30kHz continuous conversion
  • Open-drain output
  • SOT-23 package option
  • Protection features
    • Supports up to 40V load dump
    • Reverse battery protection to –20V
    • Output short-circuit protection
    • Output current limitation

Block Diagram

more information: https://www.ti.com/product/TMAG5123-Q1

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