Switching to an Instagram Creator Account? Here’s What You Should Know

Influencers get a lot of messages. Influencer marketing professionals regularly contact them about collaboration opportunities, and fans are always beating down their door. With a business account, whether a message comes from one of these or from family and friends, they all used to go into the same inbox.

Creator accounts make managing your Instagram messages much easier. Instead of a single inbox, you got three — a primary, general and requests inbox.

Your primary inbox is used for messages that you’re interested in and that you want to be notified about when they arrive. Think family, friends and critical business messages. Your general inbox is for everyone else. You won’t get notifications, but you can always get back to them later. Finally, message requests from people you don’t follow will go to your requests inbox.

In 2020, this feature was extended to business accounts as well, so now both account types enjoy the same message flexibility.

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