ReGrained’s SuperGrain+ earns first upcycled food certification to ‘catalyze demand’ for growing industry

By certifying its flagship SuperGrain+ flour made from brewers’ spent grain, ReGrained also draws a line in the sand to protect against the dilutive and damaging effects of greenwashing, which is “a threat to every single sustainability issue, and certainly to upcycling,”​ ReGrained CEO Dan Kurzrock told FoodNavigator-USA.

He explained that since he first began talking about “upcycling” in 2013 at ReGrained’s first real sales event where “virtually nobody had heard the term before, and certainly not applied to food,”​ the trend of redirecting for human consumption ingredients that otherwise would go to landfills or be fed to livestock “is increasingly becoming a reason for purchase, especially by the pervasive consumer demographic of ‘label-readers.’”

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Indeed, he notes a recent study conducted by Mattson found 99% of consumers said they wanted to do their part to reduce food waste, including 57% who indicated that they intend to by more Upcycled Food specifically and 54% who indicated that the Upcycled Food certification logo​would increase their purchase intent – ranking higher than non-GMO or regenerative organic.

“This is remarkable considering the certification program hasn’t publicly launched yet, and less than a year ago, the term ‘Upcycled Food’ did not even have a consistent definition,”​ Kurzrock said.

While the uptake is notable, Kruzrock said he isn’t surprised by it.

“Personally, I see upcycling more as a reason for loyalty to a product and driver of repeat purchases,”​ he explained. “When shoppers’ new favorite foods are powered by certified upcycled ingredients, like ReGrained SuperGrain+, they can also feel good on a deeper level that their purchase aligns with their values.”

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