ZFiSt 2/5 Compression Sock 20-30mmhg Nurse Sock Edema Varicose


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-When you feel tired after long distance travel,daily sport activities,or suffering from Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Shin Splints, You will need a pair of ZFiSt compression socks. And then you will surprisingly find the difference of wearing it or not.

20-30mmhg Compression Socks. Reduce Calf Pain,Better Blood Circulation,Faster Recovery









Good Gift for Varicose Veins People

The compression socks suitable for Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Reduce Shin Splints, pulled muscle, calf cramps, foot cramps, leg cramps, lactic acid production.Perfect for nurses, doctors, teachers, construction workers, courier, porter, chefs, line workers, and restaurant serving staff.

Good Gift for Edema People

The compression socks have a gradient pressure that decreases step by step from bottom to top (the highest support pressure in the ankle, which gradually decreases along the leg) to promote venous return and reduce blood stasis and swelling.

Good Gift for Plantar Fasciitis People

The compression socks promote blood circulation,will reduce plantar fasciitis, blisters, blood pooling, achilles and heel cup issues.

Good Gift for Pregnant Woman

Women’s venous disease is closely related to pregnancy and postpartum. Pregnant women often face problems: fatigue, restlessness, leg sinking and tightening.The calf is numb at night.Compression socks will improve blood circulation in the lower extremities, reduce varicose veins.

Good Quality Sport Compression Socks improve your physical fitness.







Good Gift for Running Fans

Comfortable nylon compression socks with good breathability, elasticity. Helps reduce muscle ache in long-distance running match.Also suitable for Runners, Joggers, Basketball Player, Football Player, Cross Training,Gym Workouts,Hiking, Trekking.

Good Gift for Traveling Fans

Offer proper support for your foot arch, ankle, shin and calf. Help improve blood circulation while performing any indoor & outdoor sport activities.

Good Gift for Courier

Couriers run various places every day. The compression socks stimulates blood flow,improves oxygen delivery to muscles,helps reduce injury and swelling.



How to wash

Dry washing is not recommended.It will effect the socks compression&elasticity.

No bleaching, no ironing.

The water temperature under 40℃.Washing in cold water is best.

Finally,you could hang dry.

Breathable&Durable Compression Socks

Pls choose proper size to fit your leg

ZFiSt Compression Sock L/XL Size for

Adult/ Women shoe size:5-9.

Men shoe size: 5-8

Adult/ Women Men calf size:9in-14in.

ZFiSt Compression Sock XXL Size for

Adult/Women shoe size:8-12.5in

Men shoe size:8-12in

Calf size:14-18in

How to wear

Make a pocket to put leg firstly,and then enter your feet to the pocket,finally use the fingers to pull the rest of sock up your calf.





Machine Wash
Best Compression Socks for Relieve Calf Leg Feet Pain, Faster Recovery-The strongest compression in the ankle area not only prevent cramping, fatigue, swelling, but also help muscle recovery, varicose veins and diabetic
Best Compression Socks for Relieve Fatigue,Better Blood Circulation-The strongest 20 – 30 mmHg compression in the ankle area will promote blood circulation and oxygen flow. Reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, relieve muscle fatigue during exercise.
Best Comfortable&Durable Compression Socks: compression socks made of 85%Nylon+15%Spandex. The superior grade circular knit structure delivers 360-degree stretch for greater flexibility and durability. The toe area wont squeeze your aching toe joints,very comfortable
Best Nursing Medical&Sport Compression Socks: compression socks Suitable for Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Pregnancy, Relief Shin Splints, plantar fasciitis, blisters, blood pooling, achilles and heel cup issues.Also a best gift for sport fans.Such as: Runners, Joggers, Basketball Player, Football Player, Travelers, Marathon, Cross Training,Gym Workouts,Hiking, Trekking
Two Size &Washing Instruction: Compression Sock L/Xl Size for ( Men shoe size:5-8in,Women shoe size:5-9in, calf size:9-14in).XXL Size for ( Men shoe size:8-12in,Women shoe size:8-12.5in, calf size:14-18in). Hand washing or machine washing both ok,Washing in cold water or under 40℃

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ZFiSt 2/5 Compression Sock 20-30mmhg Nurse Sock Edema Varicose


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