Alter + WHEY | Premium Whey Protein Isolate | Grass-Fed. Cold-Processed. Undenatured. | Ultra Pure & Potent. Professional Grade. Hypoallergenic. (5 Pounds)


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whey protein isolate, grass-fed, clean, natural, organic, alter rationswhey protein isolate, grass-fed, clean, natural, organic, alter rations


Fitness & Recovery Superfood

Build | Highest quality natural protein for building muscle and boosting metabolism.
Repair | Rich in amino acids for repairing tissues, especially skin and intestines.
Protect | Rich in amino acids for producing gluathione antioxidant against oxidative stress and free radical damage. Rich in factors for fueling immune function, including immunoglobulin for producing antibodies; lactoferrin against infection and inflammation.

Ultra Pure & Potent

Super Natural | Sourced from fresh, raw, grass-fed US milk. Free of hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. Cold-processed without heat or chemicals. Flash-pasteurized once.
Ultra Pure | Lab-tested for nutrient composition, purity, potency and microorganisms and toxins. No lactose, casein, sugar. No sweeteners, flavors, additives. <1% non-GMO sunflower lecithin to prevent caking.
Ultra Potent | 27g undenatured grams per 30g serving (90% protein by weight). 6.9g BCAAs & 5.5g Glutamine. 0.8g Cysteine & 0.5g Glycine

Mixes & Digests Easily


Dissolve | Stir by hand into cold or hot liquids.

Combine | Adds a slghtly sweet, creamy to texture milk, drinks (cocoa, coffee, tea, chai), shakes, smoothies, desserts, pudding, sauces.

Consume | 1) As an easy-to-digest recovery shake, breakfast or snack. 2) Immediately after physical and mental exercise, fatigue. 3) Regularly during recovery from fasting, exhaustion, over-training and injury. 4) Following recovery from digestive stress, injury and illness. (Consult your healthcare professional for any dietary restrictions during any course of medical treatment)

ALTER+RATIONS | Ultra-Clean + Professional-Grade + Hypoallergenic

Complete System of Vital Nutrition for naturally maximizing Performance, Recovery and Longevity.
Created Out of Necessity for a trusted, professional-grade source of safe, legal, bioactive natural nutritional supplements for top athletic and healthcare professionals.
Essential ingredients. Natural sourcing. Minimal processing. Quality over complexity. Synergy over quantity.
Tested. Proven. Safe. Developed over 20 years in close collaboration with competitive athletes and healthcare practitioners. Organic, natural, plant-based sourcing whenever possible. Free of common allergens. Lab-tested for purity, potency and safety.


+HEMP | Health + Energy

+ Nutritionally complete, high-protein powder for stable, lasting energy and overall health.
+ Balanced pre-workout shake, breakfast or snack.
+ 100% Pure. Raw. Organic. Non-GMO.

+WHEY | Fitness + Resistance

+ Ultra-pure, fresh and bioactive grass-fed whey isolate to build a strong and healthy body.
+ Powerful post-workout and fatigue recovery food.
+ 100% Pure. No Hormones, Antibiotics, GMOs.

+COLLAGEN | Recovery + Longevity

+ Maximally pure collagen peptides to repair and maintain youthful and resilient tissues.
+ Vital post-injury and anti-aging food.
+ 100% Pure. Non-GMO. No Additives.


+FIRE | Performance Enhancer

+ Natural nutrient formula to improve and prolong physical and mental effort.

+ Enhance motivation, focus performance and endurance. Promote recovery and development.

+ 100% Natural. Plant-Based. Sugar-Free.

+WATER | Hydration Enhancer

+ Functional food for hydration and endurance during physical activity and hot conditions.
+ Essential electrolyte and natural energy fuel.
+ Raw. Organic. Non-GMO.

+EARTH | Recovery Enhancer

+ Complex natural formula to improve recovery from physical fatigue, inflammation and injury.
+ Build muscle. Preserve lean mass. Repair tissues.
+ 100% Natural. Plant-Based. Sugar-Free.

APPLICATIONS: Nourishes body and brain after exercise, for breakfast or as a power snack. Recover faster from training, stress, injury & illness. Boost immunity, anti-inflammation and antioxidation to optimize your health naturally.
INGREDIENTS: 27g undenatured whey protein isolate per 30g serving (90%). Only 115 calories. Cold-filtered from the raw, grass fed milk of US cows raised on US family farms. No hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. <1% nonGMO sunflower lecithin to prvent caking. No sugar, lactose, casein, stimulants, sweeteners, colors, flavors, or chemicals.
PROVEN: Alter+Rations were developed over 10 years with elite athletes, including Ironman triathletes and UFC fighters. Guaranteed purity and potency.
ALTER+RATIONS: Natural nutraceuticals for optimal performance and vitality. Guaranteed purity & potency. Third-party tested. Made in a cGMP facility.

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Alter + WHEY | Premium Whey Protein Isolate | Grass-Fed. Cold-Processed. Undenatured. | Ultra Pure & Potent. Professional Grade. Hypoallergenic. (5 Pounds)


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