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Acquiring knowledge is a lifelong process, and today, with the widespread usage of the Internet to gain education, there is no limit to all that you can learn. From creative crafts to sciences, all the knowledge of the universe is ready for you to acquire. Not only can you use the Internet to learn more, but also to share what you already know. Thus, sharing knowledge is no longer a process limited to only school or college classrooms.

Online learning has become a global phenomenon, and you can teach from anywhere—like from the comfort of your home, or even while you trek mountains in the Alps. You need not be a teacher or a professor to share the valuable knowledge that you possess. All you need is a strong will to help others with what you know and channel it into easy, comprehensible online lessons that students will love to learn.

And one of the best ways to do this is to build your online course on, a lifelong learning platform. The platform is a versatile space for corporate training, professional development, training organizations, and for colleges, schools, universities, and independent instructors to build online courses.

What is OpenLearning?

OpenLearning enables educators to share valuable knowledge online in a way that gets learners to interact with one another and build on each other’s ideas. It is a scalable platform, with tracking and assessment tools to help you determine the worth of all that you have taught and improve as you go along.

The platform also powers a thriving ecosystem which brings the best of knowledge to the Internet from course creators worldwide. Hence, students can find high-quality education from the comfort of their homes and actually develop skills that will help them get work in the future.

The global online learning platform is known for its technical success, quality of education and is graced by 2.73 million students eager to learn. At the time of writing, they run 268 public online courses, collaborate with 167 universities and institutions, and provide 4,260 private courses by educators around the world.


OpenLearning offers several features that provide a seamlessly integrated learning platform for course authors — and for students — to gain knowledge and interact with others while doing so. The following are the best features of the platform.

For online course authors

To help authors create interactive, engaging, and scalable course content, OpenLearning provides the best features along with an in-app setup wizard which guides you to create your course.

Features for Course Creators

You can easily create a course layout reflecting your brand with OpenLearning along with a customized landing page. Further, you can customize badges and certificates issued to learners in line with your branding strategies. You can even charge fees for certificates or provide them for free.

To add life to your courses so that students can learn in fun ways on the other side of the screen, you can use the drag-and-drop content widgets to add text, video, audio, and images to your courses. Hence, you can use the right multimedia content at the right time to facilitate learning along with adding embedded links for external learning sources.

A great classroom is made by students willing to learn and share what they have comprehended with each other. It also makes teaching even more fun for the educator. With OpenLearning, you get features like interactive widgets to help you build projects and activities so that students can exchange what they have learned and, in turn, learn more.

The one best feature of OpenLearning is that it is universal in course types so that you can easily share your courses if they are MOOCs, micro-credentials, free or paid, private, or the ones where you set the pace of learning or schedule. With the platform’s wide range of course authoring tools, you can easily determine how you want the learning experience to be.

  • Create interactive groups

If you plan to have group assignments, you can create groups of learners that can collaborate and interact as a team in your course. The OpenLearning platform offers widgets to help you set up Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings, as well as a ‘group chat’ feature for learners to work on course material together.

The scalability of OpenLearning means that each course comes with assessment tools to enable tutors to find what works best for their learners. It lets you see detailed statistics related to your courses and the activities you set along with them. It also allows you to analyse the comments and posts on each page of your course so that you can sift out the best content and improve your scalability according to what your students are saying.

Not only can you see statistics for your content but also how different learners are engaging with it and learning through it. The insightful details help you tweak any imperfections in your course and further better the details that are loved by learners. In addition, you can create automatically graded quizzes and assess learner knowledge.

These are some of the best features we found, but we also recommend following the OpenLearning blog to find out more about selling an online course, as now’s a great time to teach online!

For online learners

Features for Learners

Learners can better assess their learning through assessments, real-time activities, and reviewing and interacting with course content. Learners that actively contribute to the course are rewarded with the kudos point reward system, which is a familiar form of ‘likes’ from major social media platforms.

Your achievements and skills learned are also added to your portfolio to easily display all that you have learned, shared, created, and interacted with throughout your course learning timeline. You can browse great courses ranging from marketing to AI, and from nutrition to genetics, with OpenLearning.


Certificates are automatically generated after completing courses and come with an online tracking number to track the certificate back to OpenLearning. Educators can also upload or choose badges that are given to learners on admirable achievements.

OpenLearning also supports micro-credits or micro-credentials! If you enrol in a course labelled as an OpenCred, you will be able to get a secure digital certificate added to your portfolio from Accredible, an automated digital credentialing system that was recently integrated with the OpenLearning platform.


OpenLearning is free for anyone to create a learner account and start browsing and joining online courses.

For course creators, a personal educator account starts from $40/mo which lets you teach 250 active students with unlimited storage and unlimited courses. The institution plan starts from $183.33/mo, suitable for five educators to teach up to 4000 learners along with an institution management system, branded institution portal, LTI & APIs integrations, priority email, and phone support. If you want to teach more than 4000 students, you can even create your own tailored plans.

If you’re planning to offset the cost of subscription by charging enrollment fees for your OpenLearning course, you can securely collect payments through trusted payment gateways like Paypal, Braintree, and MOLPay with transaction fees ranging from 2.3% to 4.5%. Moreover, you can make your course the best it can be by requesting educator training, design services, and marketing services from their global team.

Final say

OpenLearning is a great innovation in today’s times. It is unique in its ability to create a “social” online learning environment where students interact, engage, and connect with one another towards achieving specific learning outcomes.

The online course platform brings together a wide range of perspectives from online students, institutions, and businesses alike—it’s a must-try platform for all trainers and instructors who want to broaden the horizons of our existing educational systems. Try it out for yourself with a 30-day free trial of the OpenLearning platform.

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