PhotoWhoa Review: Improve Your Photography

If you dream of improving your photography skills and start taking better photos, then the products listed at can help you achieve your goals.

PhotoWhoa can be described as an online collection of the best products for improving your photography no matter what type of photos you want to take. Whether you are a food blogger who wants to capture the best short of their culinary creations for an aspiring professional who desires to stay on top, get better clients, and charge more for their work. No matter what kind of photographer you are, you will find a book, of course, awesome useful products that will help you get better at what you are currently doing.

Nevertheless, one of the best things about PhotoWhoa is, all photographic products curated by them are discounted heavily. It indicates that you can save up to 95% on some items, including photography video courses, ebooks, photo editing tools, Photoshop & Lightroom addons, and other educational products.

Wide Range of Premium Photography Products

The products are available on PhotoWhoa’s website range from video courses that cover photography fundamentals to learning products that will help you develop a very specific aspect of taking great photos.

Guides are also available for clicking pictures in popular places such as the Rocky Mountain National park. So it doesn’t matter if you are starting out or if there is an area of your expertise that you can improve. PhotoWhoa’s contents at a design to be able to help you.

Discounted photography products at PhotoWhoa cover not only the art of taking photos but publication and production also. You will be finding lots of discount Photoshop photography products in the collection and selecting email templates that professional photographers use to respond to requests more efficiently and effectively.

Awesome Free Photography Resources

All the photography products available at PhotoWhoa are trustworthy. The Freebies section of the website is worth checking out. You will be finding commercial photographer products, generally ebooks, courses, and other guides that have been made free for members to download. Below are some of the top freebies offered by PhotoWhoa.

free photowhoa

  • Free Hand Poses Guide For Women

Isn’t it great how a simple portrait can present the viewer an insight into the model’s mind? Do you know how the right skill and technique could make ordinary portraiture a masterpiece? However, this kills it takes a lifetime, especially when you know that you might not always be trained.

So it’s not the photographer’s job you should know but also the model’s job you should hang. Have you ever directed women? Directing the models for posing guides doesn’t just involve asking them to strike a smile at a bus stand at an angle. It should be minutely told how every limb and muscle is placed, and the expressions and the look on their face also play a key role.

But the most important aspect is working comfortably with hand poses, and it requires real work. Hands could be the greatest asset or the largest liability for finding your way around them where efforts are required.

  • 10 Free HDR Lightroom Presets

Your job could become more complicated when you have to shoot pictures daily and then spend a huge amount of time on every single one of them. On the other hand, editing is a job that requires time and concentration. The time that you can spend looking for some other more interesting projects.

So many photographers now use HDR lightroom presets. You can now activate your selected light to please set with a single click and apply it to your pictures, whether they are from a wedding, fashion shoot, or hiking trip with friends. This free HDR Lightroom preset performs wonders for a picture with a single click.

  • Shooting Beauty Nudes At Home By Dan Hostettler

Beauty isn’t something that anyone can harmonize or plan. It’s about attitude, confidence, accessories, cosmetics, and causes that are not supplied in quantity if it isn’t there in the first place.

Photographers who are experienced in nude photography know that a model’s beauty stems from her personality. The more confident and relaxed she will be, the more her beauty will show up in photos.

You may think it will become impossible for the photographer to control, but you made it wrong. You will have to learn it from someone who has already been there and done that. This guide can bring out a model’s natural beauty instead of the usual, tired tips about posing and accessories. There is a way to make it happen, and here it is.

  • Urban Exploration Photography

If you are planning to buy a DSLR, it could be as expensive as buying a new car. Do you want to waste your hard-earned money hard-earned money on a camera that you will never use?

You may want to take some time to understand technical and creativity if you are looking down that much cash. You should know which camera works according to your needs and learn the different cameras available in the market.

If you are stressed about buying your new camera, then this short ebook will help you be entertained. Your options will also be about the market and the creative and technical advantages and disadvantages of each type of camera.

What is PhotoWhoa Plus membership?

plus membership

The Plus membership by PhotoWhoa is a program that offers amazing perks for its loyal customers. They have two affordable membership plans [monthly & annual], and you can enjoy the benefits of your membership all through your membership period.

As a plus member, you will be enjoying the following benefits:

  • Special discount on purchases: You will be getting EXTRA 20% off on ALL PhotoWhoa purchases until you are a plus member.
  • Exclusive Plus deals: Plus members download the upto six exclusive plus deals for free and have them for a lifetime.

As long as your membership benefits haven’t been used, you would ask no questions and offer a 30-days refund policy.

The PhotoWhoa Blog

You can also look at the PhotoWhoa blog mainly for interviews with successful photographers for your inspiration, showcases, discussions, and tips & tricks about different photography techniques.

End Words

If you are a photographer of any level and want to polish your skills in any way, whether your creative, technical, or business fails, PhotoWhoa should be the next step.

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