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For a delicious breakfast that can be prepped the night before, this parfait seems almost too easy to be so full of reward.

Most breakfast parfaits are filled with yogurt (any kind will work) layered with fruit and granola. They’re healthy, textural and can be tailored to your palate preferences. They’re also a great way to start the day. Now go slay.


Makes 1 serve

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup (or your desired amount) Coconut yoghurt
    Ingredient note – When choosing a coconut yoghurt, find one with pre and probiotics for good gut health. We like to use Coyo Organic for this reason.​
  • 1 serving Apotecari Hair Food – available here
  • Apotecari’s desired toppings – we opt for toppings rich in healthy fats and omegas like nuts and chia seeds to enrich the scalp and strands; cacao nibs for an added antioxidant boost and granola for crunch, fibre and taste. The beauty of parfaits is that they’re adaptable to cater to what’s in season, year ’round.


Mix Hair Food with coconut yoghurt in your serving glass or jar (perfect for on the go) until perfectly combined.
Garnish with your choice of toppings.


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