Motor controller programmes through Arduino IDE

clearcore 4axis motion and IO controller 408

It handles up to four axes of step-and-direction motion  control (500kHz max step rate), and provides 13 software-configurable protected 24V-compatible I/Os.

“You can download the optional ClearCore Arduino Wrapper Library. This allows you to write code within the easy-to-use Arduino IDE and using Arduino command syntax. This library includes dozens of Arduino sketch examples,” according to its maker, New York-based Teknic.

For a more comprehensive programming environment, there is a C++ library which includes example projects compatible with Atmel Studio 7 development environment., and the optional Atmel-ICE debug tool adds debug techniques like single-stepping through code and setting complex breakpoints.

ClearCore can be used stand-alone to control smaller systems, or multiple units can be networked to a master – a Raspberry Pi, for example. Communication can be through Ethernet, serial port or USB, or there is a wireless option through an XBee module for WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, DigiMesh or 802.15.4.

For up to 64 more IO lines, up to eight of the company’s CCIO-8 expansion modules can be added.

The unit is 127mm x 88.9mm x 25.4mm and needs 12V or 24V power, drawing 300mA (400mA with an XBee) from 24V. Operation is across -20 to 50°C and 0-90% non-condensing humidity.

On-board processing is by a 120MHz SAME53N19A Cortex M4F.

The CLCR-4-13 product page is here and the Arduino wrapper library here

Founded in 1985, Teknic makes a range of servo motion control components in New York state.

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