Men Fashion for Summer: NEW 2021 Styles Trends

With summer on the horizon, we can eventually look further to some much-deserved sunshine, beer gardens, and outdoor adventures. But only as our layers peel away with the warmness doesn’t mean a man can’t seem fashionable all while being outfitted for the summer season heat. As backyard barbecues abound and every person moves outdoors, our Vlone clothing’s fabric turns into more and more important in our men’s summer season fashion outfits seems amazing.

Men’s Summer Fashion Shirts

For summer season fashion, a suitable rule-of-thumb for shirt fabric is to choose natural fibers over synthetic ones. Synthetics tend to trap moisture instead than release it freely, restricting breathability and sweat dispersion via clothing.

Seersucker Shirt

There’s no fabric quite as synonymous with summer quite like seersucker, a puckered cotton that sits away from the skin.  The rippling in the fabric lets in the physique to be kept cooler, which is why it’s frequently ubiquitous in humid climates.

Slim T-shirt

Nothing’s greater versatile in the summer season than a well-fitting, comfortable light-weight tee. Opt for shirts that feel light-weight but strong, and aren’t too see-through when you pull your hand up from the underside. Stripes are exciting except being too loud, and solid light shades like sage (light green) and persimmon (burnt orange) add personality to your wardrobe without skewing too dark for the sun’s rays.

Men’s Summer Pants

The best summer season pants unite in shape with fabric, resulting in a pant that disperses warmness except limiting movement. 2020 men’s summer season fashion trends prefer looser fitting trousers made from linen or cotton, while skinnier fits and thicker fabric get a break. Even with the rising heat, a few pairs of weather-friendly trousers are a must-have for nights out on the city and breezier days.

Linen Pants

Remember when we talked about how kick-ass linen shirts are in men’s summer season outfits? It goes double for Vlone pants. Linen trousers in looser, roomier matches are an absolute game-changer when it comes to unbridled calm and comfort met with traditional style.

Lightweight Jeans

Even with the hot weather, some guys just don’t prefer to hold up that preferred pair of Levi’s, and honestly, we’re in that identical camp. Thinner denim compositions and lighter washes pave the way for summer-weight denim that’ll maintain you looking cool without the sweat.

Jean Shorts

Though an acquired taste, denim shorts have usually had a presence in men’s summer season style. Boasting the comfort of denim without the cumbersome length, jean shorts lend themselves to be the perfect match for a man trying a bit of edge to his look. As with ordinary denim, medium or light-wash jean shorts will seem to be satisfactory with summer’s coloration palette.

Sweat Shorts

When it comes to fighting the summer season heat, nothing beats a satisfied lightweight pair of sweat shorts. Sweat shorts, as their name suggests, the cropped little brother of usual sweatpants, however, they’re far from unfashionable.

Boat Shoes

Deriving their name from their functionality, boat shoes were created as footwear to be worn when sailing.  Their wave-like rubber soles protect the wearer from taking a slipping on a vessel’s polished deck. Boat footwear has carved its way into many styles, however, they remain a tried-and-true staple of American prep.

Men’s Summer Fashion Accessories

If there’s one thing to never sacrifice high-quality on, it’s a pair of polarized sunglasses. You just have one set of eyes (we’ll amend this article as soon as cybernetic implants become available), so be certain to protect them with tinted, polarized lenses.

Less formal than a good leather-based belt, these come in a range of colorings and designs to add just the best amount of personality to your look. Classic preppy styles are made in a cotton weave with leather-based detailing.

Your style goes farther than only the outfits you wear, so your scent is no exception. Solid cologne is a balm-like choice to the usual liquid fragrances we’re used to wearing. It’s much simpler to layer on just the right amount to avoid being a “cologne guy”. We swear by the stuff from Duke Cannon – they smell superb and can last years!

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