Macro Influencers: When Are They Right For Your Strategy?

When influencers are more professional, they often present less risk for brands. Macro influencers have established a unique voice and have cultivated a trusting audience. In contrast, many micro influencers are still working on finding their voice and building trust among followers. In an effort to gain followers and appear more influential, some micro influencers have also been known to buy or access “fake” followers. This is risky for brands because these followers typically don’t interact with an influencer, nor are they influenced by them. To identify fake followers, look for three red flags:

  1. Fake followers often have no posts or photos.
  2. Posts that do come from fake followers are typically irrelevant or gibberish.
  3. If social media accounts have many followers and very low engagement rates, some followers could be fake. To find engagement rates, divide the number of likes and comments on a social media account by the number of followers.

For extra certainty in identifying fake followers, you can use special scanning tools or services like Social Audit Pro.

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