Low profile zoom and wall-washing optics

Gaggione Ultra Flat asymmetric front

Branded ‘Ultra Flat Optic’ – or UFO – there are 45mm diameter asymmetric (wall washing, top photo) or zoom versions, plus a 67mm zoom version.

Gaggione Ultra Flat asymmetric rearTo keep height down, the rears have Fresnel-like structures (left) to gather light.

Total height from the led emissive point to optical output surface is

  • 18mm for the 45mm asymmetric (UFO45A)
  • ~14mm for the 45mm zoom (UFO45Z)
  • ~22mm for the 67mm zoom (UFO67Z)

Gaggione Ultra Flat asym diag45mm asymmetric alignment

They are designed to work with single chip, multi-chip and small CoB leds – the larger zoom works with CoBs up to 14mm – and are suitable for tuneable white use, but not colour mixing. Pages 3 and 4 of the data sheet have compatibility guides.

For wall washing, the asymmetric version should be positioned away from the top of the wall by a third of the wall height (so 1m from a 3m wall), and be spaced apart the same distance, or up to 1.3x that distance (so 1 – 1.3m).

The illumination pattern is a soft rectangle. In an example using a Cree XHP35.2, peak intensity towards the wall is 0.94cd/lm while backwards peak intensity is 0.15cd/lm.

Onto the zoom versions:

The zoom lenses are one-piece with the zoom coming from changing the distance to the led.

The 45mm type produces beams between 13.9 and 35.2° FWHM with a XHP35.2 HI using 6mm of movement (Bridgelux, Citizen and Lumileds examples are also provide), while the UFO67Z’s achieves 12.2 to 35.6° with 9mm of movement.

Holders are provided, which are two-part for the fixed type or three-part for the zooms.

Gaggione Ultra Flat zoomIn all cases there are various bases to fit various leds, then separate side frames (in black or clear) connect the optic to the base. In the zoom case (right), the side frames have a spiral height adjustment.

The comprehensive Ultra Flat Optic data sheet can be found here



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