Low Profile 2 Channel Solid State Relay for AC Loads

This project offers an extremely compact solution for interfacing 2 high voltage resistive or inductive loads. At a low profile, this is the most compact & versatile optically isolated 2 channel solid state relay system. The circuit consists of 2x Triacs and isolated Triac drivers. The circuit is compatible with TTL input signals and controls 90V-220V AC loads. Sscrew terminal connectors are provided for an easy connection of the AC loads and AC supply input. Interfacing an Arduino/Micro-controller or other circuit is easy using the 4 Pin header connector. A snubber circuit across Triacs is formed using R2, R6, C1, and C2 and is optional for inductive loads. For resistive loads do not populate the snubber circuit. Resistors R3, R4 are for current limiting for internal LED of the isolator. Use jumper J1 for common cathode, otherwise, 2x anode and cathode can be used. Each channel can drive a load up to 100W (220V AC). This circuit can on/off load like Solenoid, AC motor, Fan, Lamp.

Low Profile 2 Channel Solid State Relay for AC Loads – [Link]

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