Loft Growth Partners seeks solutions-oriented startups led by ‘pathological optimists’

After recently closing its third fund with investments from dozens of founders and executives from leading food and beverage companies, including Stonyfield Farms founder Gary Hirshberg, Stacy’s Pita Chips founder Stacy Madison and Honest Tea founder Seth Goldman, the firm is actively investing in a companies with $2m to $25m in revenue who are looking for $2m to $10m in capital over time.

Unlike other investors that may play the odds by investing in a dozens of businesses hoping a few ‘unicorns’ eventually will succeed, managing partners Andy Whitman​ and Liz Myslik​ explain in this episode of FoodNavigator-USA’s Investing in the Future of Food​ how they help every company in which Loft Growth Partners​ invests “thrive and grow and scale”​ by drawing on their experiences as former entrepreneurs as well as that of their investors.  

They also share how entrepreneurs, with their help, can successfully scale without diluting their holdings through multiple investment rounds by learning how to efficiently use limited resources to drive high velocities and margins while simultaneously keeping their customer acquisition costs low.

‘We’re thrilled that … the emerging brand ecosystem has grown so much’

As Loft Growth Partners kicks off their third fund, the team recognizes that while the investment landscape in CPG has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, many of the challenges that individual entrepreneurs must overcome have not.

“When we started 20 years ago, it’s a little hard to imagine living in today’s world. In 2001, there was nobody whatsoever really investing in these emerging brands. So, it’s sort of fun to have seen the evolution, and over 20 years we’re thrilled that … the emerging brand ecosystem has grown so much,”​ Whitman said.

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