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COVID-19 Impact On Bike Riding 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people turned to bikes as a way to socially distance when travelling but also as a way to get in exercise when gyms closed and organised sports were stopped. We also found that our regulars started riding even further. 

Pop-up cycleways appeared across the state to further encourage people to ride. The City of Sydney Pop-ups are being used, on average, 15,000 times a week, and it’s been great to see more connected cycleways make cycling easier and safer for riders.  

Added to that, according to the Transport for NSW daily cycleway count data, the Henderson Rd pop-up cycleway went from being used 1742 times a week, to 5636 times weekly over a 7 month period – that’s a 223.5% increase.

Bike sales have ‘gone through the roof’, which is great news for business and jobs, but means bicycle stock in Australia is very limited at present. 

Based on 9 months to the end of March 2021, 1,413,327 units have been imported into Australia. For reference, the sales made in this 9 month period are equal to previous full year records.

About World Bicycle Day

The United Nations declared 3 June, World Bicycle Day in order to highlight how bicycles meet transport, health, social engagement or environmental sustainability needs. 

World Bicycle Day encourages countries to see bicycles as an integral form of sustainable transport, physical exercise and the catalyst to re-shape and improve infrastructure for the better.

Even with more cycling infrastructure being developed over the last year, many in NSW are still missing out on the benefits of bike riding.  We can do better to provide more safe and connected cycleways to further encourage bicycle usage as a sustainable transport option.

How You Can Help

This World Bicycle Day, we encourage you to share a photo on social media and let everyone know what you love about bike riding. 

Or better yet, encourage your family or friends to join you on a bike ride this weekend. If you need any ride inspiration, we have over 300 routes mapped here

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