Keto dieters want healthy options with high-quality ingredients, good fats and fewer sugar alcohols

As avid followers and evangelists for the ketogenic diet long-before it was trendy, Suzanne Ryan and Jessica Weingarten know how hard it can be to stay in ketosis (burning fat not carbs for fuel), especially when on-the-go, crunched for time or simply craving a carbohydrate-heavy, non-compliant food – like crackers – which is why they launched Defy Foods last year.

“The idea for Defy Foods really came from a need as a consumer,”​ said Weingarten, who explained that when she and best friend Ryan first adopted the keto diet eight years ago “it was rare for someone to know what we were talking about, and there definitely were not products out on the market and there wasn’t a lot of convenience. So, we were doing a lot of cooking and trying different recipes.”

And while they had fun cooking together, Weingarten said, “we’re both busy moms and work full-time and we wanted something we could buy off the shelf that was good quality ingredients, offered that convenience factor and still taste good. So, that was the inspiration and starting point for Defy Foods.”

The young company’s first product – cheddar crackers – launched direct-to-consumer in March after conversations with other keto dieters revealed a “resounding need for something crunchy that could satisfy as a snack,”​ said Weingarten.

“There are all these really great dips that you can have on the keto diet, but then nothing really to dip in them unless you’re going with a pork rind or celery, and sometimes you just don’t want either of those – you want a cracker,”​ Ryan said.

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