Joint Taskforce: Food Delivery Rider Safety

Campaigning For A Better Environment

For more than eighteen months Bicycle NSW has pushed for improvements to food delivery rider safety.  This is because these bike based workers ride in the locations people of all ages need to travel safely and can’t. 

Travel Needs To Safe For All Riders

From home to shops, restaurants, high-streets, businesses, schools and back by the most direct route possible.  Food delivery riders cycle these routes with added time pressures, often in worse weather or in the dark – but when you map their routes, they travel where all of us need to go.

Unfortunately, instead of recognising food delivery rider deaths and injuries as a ‘call to action’ for improving road infrastructure and road safety education for motor vehicle operators as well as riders, many in government and the media have resorted to victim-blaming.  Bicycle NSW recognises that SafeWork doesn’t control these aspects of road safety, but to make no mention of them in the report seems ridiculous.

Safety Language 

To talk ‘safety language’ we developed a bike rider’s hierarchy of controls that represents the most effective to least effective ways to keep bike riders safe.

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