IZEAx Product Update: May 2021

With millions of Creators to choose from, finding the perfect Creator for your campaign can be daunting. Throughout May, IZEA has released several initiatives to make it easier to find the perfect Creator across social platforms and execute your unique campaign.


Discovery Full Profiles

IZEA has just launched revamped Creator Profiles: A reimagined experience to showcase a Creator’s content, demographics, analytics, and more to make it easier for Marketers to find their perfect Creator. For more information, please check out this page or watch our Discovery Full Profiles streaming event here.

Media Kits

For Marketers who want a PDF summary of the information they see in a Creator’s Full Profile, IZEA now has the capability to download a Media Kit. Media Kits show an inside look into a Creator and their unique demographics and mentions. Marketers can download Media Kits for individual Creators, multiple Creators or an entire List.

TikTok Discovered Content

IZEA recognizes the importance of keeping up to date with the latest trends, including social media platforms! To support all of our Marketers on TikTok, IZEA has added TikTok content to our VizSearch functionality. Marketers can now search TikTok content and see discovered TikTok profiles in VizSearch.

Instagram Stories 2.0

In an effort to improve the user experience of our Marketers and Creators, IZEA has launched Instagram Stories 2.0 which includes the ability for users to add story frames as individual units and add image recognition to pull story metrics from a Creator’s uploaded screenshots.


For Marketers looking to create longer, ambassador style campaigns where one Creator creates several deliverables over a span of time, IZEA has launched our Ambassadorships. This allows Marketers to create multi-deliverable projects in our Unity workflow and multi-deliverable offers from Disco and Unity Search to keep everything organized and seamless from start to finish.

VizSearch Top Content

To make it easier to search for content in VizSearch, we’ve added the capability to filter by “top content per Creator” in VizSearch results. This limits the results to one piece of content per Creator to only show the single most relevant result per Creator.

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