IZEA Announces BrandGraph® Compare, Themes, and More

Orlando, Florida (May 27, 2021) – IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, today unveiled the next generation of BrandGraph, the social media intelligence platform. This latest generation of BrandGraph is tightly integrated with IZEAx Unity Suite, which also received multiple upgrades and new features available today.

Key improvements to the BrandGraph offering include:

Full TikTok Platform Support

A first in competitive benchmarking, BrandGraph reports now include TikTok content, as do brand profiles, BrandGraph trends, and the other new tools announced today.

BrandGraph Compare

BrandGraph Compare enables marketers to benchmark social media activity among brands across the entire BrandGraph Universe. The Compare feature provides a slew of comparison data-sets (including a breakdown of key social media content statistics), identifies influencers, benchmarks engagement rates, and more.

Example : Benchmark the brands Ford vs. Pepsi vs. Dunkin’ vs. CVS

BrandGraph Themes

Themes are ‘super classifiers’ that enable BrandGraph to connect wildcard brands, categories, mentions, keywords, hashtags – even emoji – together into a singular concept for identification and classification. Themes are used to contextually group content and provide insights both within BrandGraph and across the IZEA software ecosystem.

Example : The video game theme includes over one thousand identifiers including game titles (Fortnite), game consoles (XBOX), game streaming (Twitch), game hashtags (#gamergirl)

Creator Interests

BrandGraph is now able to provide insights related to the content being produced about a brand. This information can be used by marketers to better understand the ‘content culture’ of their own brand or a competing brand.

Example : Jeep has a high concentration of influencers posting about camping, photography, sunsets, and the military. Tesla influencers post more about space travel, memes, consumer electronics, and climate change.

Brand-produced Content

BrandGraph now provides marketers with a tool to see the content themes of posts made by brands themselves. This tool can be used to quickly view content strategies for competitive or collaborative evaluation, similar to influencer profiles in IZEAx.

Example : BrandGraph programmatically identified that Lego has shared content to promote Star Wars, Nintendo, and Nasa.

BrandGraph 500

An entirely new offering, the BrandGraph 500 is a real-time, continually-updated list of the top brands in BrandGraph, ranked by the volume of social media content being created about them. This industry-first feature evolves as new brands are added to the BrandGraph Universe and is viewable in monthly increments.  Brands can now see not only their ranking against competitors, but the brand universe at-large, all curated programmatically by IZEA technology.

Example : Star Wars jumped 17 spots to #6 in the month of May as a result of May 4th related content.

For more information about IZEAx visit : https://izea.com/brandgraph/

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