Instagram Business Accounts: Should Your Brand Make the Switch?

If you’re convinced that a business account is the right choice for your brand, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easy to set up your business profile. And you can always change your mind. If you decide that your personal profile was preferable after exploring a business account, you can simply switch back.

To activate your business account, go to your Profile, tap the menu icon in the top right of your screen (three vertical lines) and then select Settings at the very bottom. Choose Account, scroll to the bottom, and then tap Switch to Professional Account.

You’ll be asked to choose a business category. Select whichever best suits your business. Then, the moment of truth. If you’re a traditional brand and you want an Instagram business account, choose Business. A creator account, the other option, is better suited to public figures and other influencers.

After you confirm your contact information, you’re finished. Your brand is now the proud owner of an Instagram business profile. You’re ready to throw the door wide open to a whole new level of audience engagement.

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