Influencer Marketing for Small Business: How to Get Started

Although traditional advertising methods are still useful, small businesses can also turn to influencer marketing to attract new customers. Influencer marketing for small business involves enlisting the aid of social media personalities and industry experts who are willing to promote your product or service.

Social media influencers tend to have loyal followings, so they’re uniquely capable of pitching your small business to a larger audience. The potential results of influencer marketing include increased brand awareness, more sales and a boost in audience trust.

Of course, this all comes with a cost. You’ll need to compensate influencers for their work, especially if they’re producing lots of content. The potential return on investment can make it all worth it though. It’s easiest to track your ROI on Instagram Stories, YouTube videos and sponsored blog posts, according to Mediakix. However, influencer marketing efforts can encompass everything from Twitter and Facebook posts to live streaming events on Twitch.

No matter your business’ size, budget or niche, you can try out influencer marketing. You’ll find influencers who are experts in a variety of industries and specialize in different types of content creation. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get started with influencer marketing.

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