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Hydrow Personal Coaching is a virtual one-on-one coaching experience that provides Hydrow members with customized feedback and guidance to reach their fitness goals. Personal coaching is available to all Hydrow members – from beginners and first-timers to advanced rowers – and can be purchased as a single 30-minute session, or a three-session pack. Book your first session here!

Why give Hydrow Personal Coaching a try?

Before we dive into what other Hydrow members have gotten out of Personal Coaching, let’s briefly review one of the best reasons to have the eye of a coach while you row: It saves you time in the long run.

Rowing is a technical sport, and the quality form that will help you go the distance takes time to develop. Additionally, we all pick up technical cues in different ways and interpret Athlete instruction differently. 

Personal Coaching helps you identify the mistakes you may be making without even realizing it that are holding you back from reaching your full potential with Hydrow. Thanks to an intimate, one-on-one setting, you’ll find and address the subtle form tweaks that will fast-track you to more confidence and control in every Hydrow workout. 

Oh, and did we mention MORE meters? When you row with solid form, you’ll produce more power, have better endurance, and burn calories in the same amount of time in every session.

But why take it from us? Here’s what the data has to say from Hydrow members enrolled in Personal Coaching. 

Hydrow members burn up to 11% more calories through Personal Coaching1

In your Personal Coaching session, your coach will identify and correct your technical errors. These small tweaks help you engage more muscles with more intensity, giving you the best full-body workout possible. 

More muscles recruited per workout equals more calories burned: Our Personal Coaching members burn 7-11% more calories per workout!  

Hydrow members generate up to 14% more power through Personal Coaching2

Engaging more muscles also means you’ll be generating more power in your stroke. Members who complete at least one Personal Coaching session see a 10-14% increase in power per workout. 

In addition to going faster and covering more distance, greater power output is shown to increase cardiovascular health, increase post workout calorie burn (EPOC), and ensure a higher resting metabolic rate the rest of the day. Dopamine release also increases, so you’ll leave your workout feeling even better. 

Higher watts, higher calorie burn, and higher vibes: Who doesn’t want that?!

Hydrow members enrolled in Personal Coaching work out 21% more per week3

A lack of motivation can derail your fitness goals. After enrolling in Personal Coaching, Hydrow members worked out 21% more per week. Why?

It’s simple: Improvement is motivating! Members who invest in themselves by trying Personal Coaching saw measurable progress and got excited about it. If you feel yourself getting better at something, it’s going to be more fun. 

Whether it’s to make the most of your time on Hydrow, break new records, or up your calorie burn and power output, Personal Coaching is suitable for all Hydrow members looking for one-on-one support and guidance. Learn more about Hydrow Personal Coaching by clicking here.


1Data taken from average calories burned in 20-minute Sweat workouts before and after Personal Coaching. 

2Data taken from average watts produced in 20-minute Sweat workouts before and after Personal Coaching.

3Data taken from minutes spent rowing in workouts by members before, during, and after Personal Coaching.

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