How to Get More Views on YouTube: 5 Tips to Increase Viewership

Outside of exposure, the number of views that a YouTube video gets is affected by two things:

  1. The title
  2. The thumbnail

Your title and thumbnail should be both relevant to your video, but also as enticing as possible. Your video will be listed next to dozens of others, meaning if your video doesn’t look interesting, the view will be awarded to a competitor instead — even if your video is objectively better.

Take a look at other creators within your niche to see what’s working and what’s not — then, put your own unique spin on whatever format you choose to follow.

From there, to generate a higher number of views for all of your videos, be sure to also include end cards on every video you upload. End cards allow you to easily turn one-time viewers into multi-video viewers. Viewers won’t have to trek all the way to your profile — they can just seamlessly click through to whatever videos you promote.

Whenever possible, make sure the end cards on a video mesh well with the original video’s subject matter. Relevancy is key.

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