How Instagram Creators Can Monetize IGTV Ads

To check if your account is eligible for IGTV monetization, open the Instagram Partner Program dashboard and select IGTV Ads.

If your account is eligible, you’ll see a screen that says, “You’re Eligible to Monetize Your IGTV Videos.” If you don’t see that screen, you haven’t yet met Instagram’s requirements for the program.

So what are the requirements? Somewhat surprisingly, Instagram has not yet released a list of firm criteria. But since Facebook owns Instagram, we can pull from Facebook’s video monetization policies to get a general idea of what they might be looking for:

  • Accounts with at least 10,000 genuine followers
  • Videos that are at least three minutes long
  • A minimum of 30,000 views in the past two months for videos combined, with a view equalling at least one minute or watch time

Overall, it’s safe to say that to get accepted into the program, you need both a popular Instagram account and noteworthy traction on your IGTV content output.

The type of content you post is also important. A human presumably reviews your videos for quality assurance. If you don’t meet the quality standards, you won’t get accepted into the program.

Once again, we can turn to Facebook’s video monetization policies to see the general quality standards that you likely need to meet:

  • Your content needs to be original. Don’t repost content from other creators (no matter how much you like it). And as always, avoid infringing on copyright or trademarks.
  • Your content needs to be non-controversial. Hate speech and violence are obviously disallowed. Excessively sexual content is also off-limits. Stay away from drug usage and excessive partying, too.
  • Your content can’t be objectively inaccurate. Talking about rumors and scandals might get views. But if you say the wrong thing, this type of recklessly subjective subject matter has the potential to hurt your chances of getting approved for monetization.
  • On that same note, political topics are dicey. Although it’s certainly possible to get approved for monetization if your videos revolve around politics, you’ll generally want to stay away from particularly controversial topics — and triple-check to make sure you’re not accidentally sharing fake news.

In a broad sense, your content needs to be attractive for advertisers if you want to get approved for the program.

Content quality is also essential for monetization after approval. IGTV monetization is similar to YouTube monetization. And on YouTube, some of the biggest channels struggle to monetize their videos due to controversial subject matter.

For example, the Nelk YouTube channel has over six million subscribers and is technically approved for monetization. But it claims to have made a whopping 23 cents from 15 million views. As such, the channel is forced to rely on merch sales instead.

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