How Influencers Can Use Discord to Connect With Their Fans

Discover servers are a fancy name for chat rooms. Anyone can create a Discord server for any topic they please. In the case of influencers, the topic of the Discord server is most likely you. When followers join your Discord server, they can talk about you, your content and anything that’s relevant to those two topics.

When you think of a chat room, you likely think of chaos. Consider the Twitch chat for a streamer who has 1,000 (or even 100) viewers. Most of the time, it’s hectic. You’ll find it nearly impossible to reply to someone else, let alone hold an extended conversation with that person.

To get around this problem, each Discord server has channels. Channels are subtopics within your Discord server. If conversations are spread out across multiple channels, it’s far easier for followers to have meaningful interactions with one another. Of course, compared to other content sources, Discord is still a little crazy — but that’s part of the appeal. Users always have the option of messaging one another directly for more intimate conversations.

Channels are broken up into three categories — text, voice, and video.

  1. Text channels allow for text and images only, similar to a traditional chat room.
  2. Voice channels function similarly to real-time podcasts. Just press the voice chat icon and say what’s on your mind — anyone who’s tuned into the channel will hear you.
  3. Video channels allow for group video chats, similar to Zoom.

Overall, Discord is a fairly robust platform. Certain social platforms contain some of Discord’s features, but very few combine all of them together in the way that Discord does to promote thriving and active real-time communities.

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