How Does Famoid Helps You Boosting Your Instagram Profile?

There are so many services present on the internet that allow you to get followers, likes, and views on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Famoid is one of them. Found in 2017, Famoid is one of the largest social media follower providers on the internet.

A few questions may arise, like whether it is safe or whether you will get your money’s worth. That is why we tried Famoid for ourselves, and here is our honest opinion on it. They provide services for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, but we will only try their Instagram services as it is popular and probably that is why you are here.

Services and Benefits of Famoid

Famoid provides services for three platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. For Facebook, you can buy likes for your posts or fan pages. Having more likes on your posts or pages will let Facebook recommend your profile or page to others, which will lead to more organic growth. For YouTube, you have two options – views and subscriber count. If you have higher views, it will boost your organic growth, you can earn higher ad revenue, and more of your videos will be recommended to others.

The same thing will happen if you buy subscribers. People tend to follow creators with a large subscriber count, allowing you to grow your channel naturally. For Instagram, you get four services. You can buy packages that will give you followers, likes on your post, and views on your videos. There is another set of packages called Automatic Likes. They give a constant stream of likes in all the posts present on your page.

If you are building an account from scratch, this boost in follower count will be useful as a high follower count will make you look legitimate. So, there is a chance people who come across your account will follow you. Buying views gives your videos a chance to be pushed up the recommendations list if Instagram thinks your videos are attractive. This, in turn, gives you more views and followers.

Buying likes or automatic likes will massively boost your organic growth. Posts with higher likes get recommended more to other users, which might lead them to view your account and follow you. If you buy likes, you can boost the like count of a single post. Meanwhile, the automatic likes package evenly distributes likes to all the posts in your account till you run out of likes. Additional features include 24×7 customer support.

How Does It Work?

You can use Famoid to grow your social media handles. You will get a certain number of followers, views, or likes depending on the package you buy. You may see some loss in followers if Instagram thinks that the growth is not organic. However, the reduction will be negligible, and you do not have to worry about it.

Famoid also offers you free trials to see if you are satisfied with their services or not. You can get 50 likes and 25 followers for free. You will be able to get access to these free services again after 24 hours.

How to Buy Services from Famoid

Firstly, go check out Famoid’s official website. There you will be able to choose the social media platform for which you want to buy Famoid’s packages. You will get three options – YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

We wanted to buy services for Instagram and choose accordingly. There you will find four services – followers, likes, views, and automatic likes. In the followers’ section, you can see eight packages with values ranging from $3.95 to $199.95.

Your account is safe as Famoid does not ask for your account password. After selecting a package, you will be redirected to a page where you will need to provide your email address, your Instagram username, and your phone number. You can also opt for an SMS receipt on your number.

After you make the payments, the requested number of followers will be added to your account gradually, so it may take some time, depending on the number of followers you buy.


famoid pricing

Besides the packages for followers, we also checked out the prices of some other services for Instagram. The prices for automatic likes start from $79.85, and you can get 50 automatic likes with it. For $129.85, you will get 100 likes. You will get 250 and 500 automatic likes for $249 and $399, respectively. However, every package will be active for 30 days only.

There are eight packages for views on Instagram. You can get 100 views for $2.95 dollars and 250 views for $4.95. Other packages include 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000 views. The highest package costs $99.95, and you get 25000 views.


We got the results quickly. The followers we bought were added to our account within a few minutes. We remained active on our account and kept track of the follower count to see if any growth happens to our profile. We lost a couple of followers just after we received the number of followers we had bought. However, we received substantial growth later in our profile.

As for whether Famoid sells bots or not, most of the accounts that we saw in our list of followers were active, the rest were private, had no profile photo, or had no posts, so it seemed a bit suspicious as Famoid claims they never sell bots.

Final Verdict

The overall results were satisfactory as our main objective was to grow our profile. However, we were a bit disappointed due to the presence of inactive followers (bots?) and the loss of followers just after we received our order.

We checked out some reviews on websites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber, and most of the customers were satisfied. We loved their 24×7 customer support but felt that they could add some refund policy in case their users were not satisfied.

Overall, we believe that this site is trustworthy, and you get your money’s worth. So, you can rely on the services of Famoid for growing your social media handles.

A Thing to Remember

Famoid is legit, and it is a great way to boost your growth. However, you need to know that the act of buying followers does not follow Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook’s rules. That is why don’t be greedy and buy too many likes or followers, as that can lead to the suspension of your accounts.

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