Health Goddess Amy Barnett on Apotecari’s Resurrection Kit | Apotecari

With daily nutrient-rich recipes, fitness tips and self care practices motivating her fans and strong follower base, this Port Stephens mother and model brings authenticity to a world that sometimes seems unreachable.

Here, Amy Barnett, mother and author of blog ‘The Amyable Life‘, shares a little on her experience with Apotecari and the Resurrection Kit. Scroll for more.

“Look at all these treats! Oh my gosh I am so excited and so is my hair!

I’ve been using [Apotecari’s] natural supplements whilst I was pregnant and postpartum and have seen great results and have managed to avoid losing any hair postpartum which is great!

These gift packs are a beautiful way to spoil mum and allow mum to indulge in a little bit of self care – and I highly recommend them! I’ve seen great results, my hair has certainly grown and become a lot stronger – and it’s all very natural and beautiful ingredients!”






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