Geltor targets ‘beauty-from-within’ market with ‘extremely rare’ Type 21 vegan collagen (made with microbes, not animals)

Distinct from the plant-based collagen ‘builder’ or ‘booster’ formulations, PrimaColl is an exact match to the bioactive amino acid core of the less abundant Type 21 collagen, said Geltor​, which has teamed up with Lonza Specialty Ingredients to manufacture the product.

A high-purity concentrated product, PrimaColl “delivers greater potency in less volume and does not include secondary components common to animal-derived collagens which can impact solubility and present formulation challenges,” ​claimed Geltor, a San Leandro-based ​​startup deploying synthetic biology to engineer microbes to produce collagen (which is currently extracted from animal skin, bones, and connective tissue) via a fermentation process.

Like most collagens, natural production of Type 21 decreases into adulthood​,” said Geltor co-founder and CTO Nick Ouzounov. “The functional collagen core of Type 21 was selected in the biodesign of PrimaColl due to its important role in interacting with other collagen types, and signaling activity for additional collagen production.”

Co-founder and CEO Alex Lorestani told FoodNavigator-USA: “PrimaColl is a premium ingredient relative to other collagens on the market. Customers love that it’s a Type 21 collagen and therefore a concentrated bioactive, meaning the beneficial effects can be accessed by using less of it in a formulation than you would with an animal-derived collagen.

“Being able to achieve this level of potency is a game-changing value for our customers, and opens up all kinds of new formulation possibilities.”

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