Formulations Part 7 – Spartan

Continuing the series on how and why our formulations were put together as they were. Today, we focus in on Spartan Formula.


This includes four ingredients:

The idea of this formula was spawned from reading a research paper, “Stimulating effect of adaptogens: an overview with particular reference to their efficacy following single dose administration.”

This paper covered the effects of three of the four ingredients, Schisandra, Rhodiola and Eleuthero, showing how even a single dose could exhibit changes.

How’s that for performance herbalism?

Specifically, this chart popped out.

Adaptogen Effects Table


It showed that these adaptogens had lots of cross-over, but also some different effects.

We thought, if one adaptogen is good, why not combine several?

In addition to the three covered here, we were big fans of Cordyceps and had that available too.

That’s why we call it Spartan Broad Spectrum Adaptogenic Formula.

While you may be able to find the adaptogen that works best for you, this is here to give you a blend of four of the best.

And it has been quite popular because of these actions:

“Helps keep my momentum up and helps me bounce back when I’m juggling work, Kids and heavy training”

“Noticeable improvement in my ability to get through back to back 16 hr shifts and tolerate continuous overtime in a prison environment. Solid product and grateful to have it!”

“I tried Spartan first before I ordered any other herbs because it really seemed to cover everything I was looking for. I LOVED IT. So much more energy without a shaky feeling or over whelmed feeling. Also felt so much less stress and a clearer mind when at work. I ordered the Athena herb this past time to see if maybe this was better for a female, while it is good I must be honest that the Spartan worked better for me. So I will absolutely be ordering again! So glad I tried it.”

Many feel the energy from it right away. I know plenty of people that like this one as a pre-workout formula.

Regarding its energetics the warmness of Schisandra, Eleuthero and Cordyceps will be balancing to Rhodiola’s strong Cold action. Many of the adaptogens are both yin and yang and so is this formula.

So those are fairly balanced. But this is a very dry formula. That’s one area it may be imbalanced and not work for some. (Or even better for some that tend towards wetness constitutionally.)

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