Formulations Part 6 – Stag Swag

Today, is none other than Stag Swag.

Stag Swag Tincture

Here are the ingredients in this tincture:

  • Deer Antler
  • Pine Pollen
  • Cistanche
  • He Shou Wu
  • Wild Yam
  • Pearl Powder

We were kicking around the idea of adding Deer Antler to our line. Instead of just going with that, we thought it would be worth the effort to formula around that main ingredient.

Deer Antler is a very yang Jing energy known for its hormonal and anti-aging action. It’s the top ingredient here.

(Here’s a big article all about Deer Antler.)

This was further backed up by two more yang Jing herbs, Cistanche and Pine Pollen that work in support of that action.

All of these have some strong though different hormonals actions in the body. The combination of these three delivers many of the benefits that we know our customers are looking for.

But we didn’t want to leave it at that. I’ve already wrote about these herbs in the other articles mostly, so here I want to focus on the balancing action. And that’s where the other triplet of He Shou Wu, Wild Yam and Pearl Powder come in.

He Shou Wu is also a Jing herb, but works on the Yin side. In fact, it is probably the very top yin Jing, and therefore anti-aging, herb in the world.

Wild Yam contains diosgenin. In the laboratory it can be converted into pregnenolone. This is the precursor hormone to just about everything sex and stress hormone wise. Through conversions it can become progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and more. It is theorized that the body may be able to biologically transmute it in much the same way.

Even if not there are some great inflammation modulating properties from Wild Yam and more.

Lastly, is Pearl Powder. This is added for a couple of reasons. It is a Shen herb that can give a slight calming effect. Even more useful, Pearl is Cold while Deer Antler, Cistanche and Pine Pollen are all hot. These are great to “round out the edges” of the powerful Yang herbs.

These are just some of the ideas that went into formulating Stag Swag.

Because this formula is more balanced, I personally prefer it to our straight Pine Pollen Tincture for instance, which is a bit too hot for me now. Stag Swag delivers a better feel to me. But as always, your results may vary.

“Top Notch. I have tried other Antler Velvet extracts. Stag Swag stands above all. The combination of other extracts is what makes Stag Swag so very nutritionally powerful.” – Archie L Warren

“Woah…woah…woah. 15 min after taking just 20 drops I got an energy rush followed by a nice chill mood. My libido immediately sky rocketed the rest of the day. This is the real deal.”
– Aaron

Read more about Stag Swag here.

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