Formulations Part 4 – Thor’s Hammer

Next up in the series of learning the art and science of formulations is…

Thor’s Hammer Bedroom Performance Formula

This one took a bit of a different approach, actually a more scientific approach. No, not that Thor’s Hammer was double-blind placebo tested in a trial or anything like that. But instead, I looked at several reductive mechanisms of action that are necessary for sexual activity.

There are five ingredients here:

Each one was picked for a specific action that it seemed best at focusing on.

The aim of Thor’s Hammer was to have everything needed to help with sexual activity, most notably erectile health.

Based on my research in the area, for sexual performance there are a number of components needed.

First, you need hormonal health. If your testosterone is in the toilet than you may not be able to perform, nor even want to in the first place.

Tongkat Ali was the herb used to focus on supporting this function.

Next up, you need blood flow. (The details of how this works is covered in this article on Blood Pressure and ED.)

Nitric oxide is one of the main components used in this though not the only factor.

There is some limited scientific evidence showing that Cistanche helps in NO production. But in Chinese medicine it is said to direct blog flow to the pelvic and genital area. That means there are other likely mechanisms beyond NO that may not have been shown too.

Then you also get the nicknames of Cistanche, “Cistanche in Your Pants” and “The Stalk Enlarger”.

The other main component of blood flow has to do with keeping it there. While it gets more complex than this, an enzyme known as PDE5 basically breaks down NO. This means you can get an erection…and then lose it.

Enter PDE5 inhibitors. In fact, this is THE mechanism by which popular ED drugs such as Viagra® work.

And like all things there are natural methods of doing it. Horny Goat Weed contains an active ingredient known as Icariin that has PDE5 inhibiting action.

And while we’re talking about the drug, one of Shilajit’s nicknames is “Indian Viagra”. It is not that it has this same effect as Horny Goat Weed does, but instead that Shilajit helps to restore health so that this natural healthy response comes forth.

The main reason that Shilajit is in this formula is based on its potentiating action. It helps the body to absorb and utilize whatever is consumed with it. In other words, it helps this formula to be stronger. (A wide range of trace minerals doesn’t hurt either.)

Last up is arousal. This is largely mediated through the dopamine pathway. Without dopamine you don’t really have libido.

And for this reason, Mucuna is included. Mucuna contains a large amount of L-Dopa which is a precursor to dopamine.

To sum up:

  • Tongkat Ali – Testosterone
  • Cistanche – Blood Flow and NO
  • Horny Goat Weed – PDE5 Inhibition
  • Mucuna – Dopamine and Arousal
  • Shilajit – Potentiation

These are the mechanisms that Thor’s Hammer aims to help with. Of course, working with extracts of herbs that actions are more well-rounded. For instance, in addition to arousal, dopamine has a lot to do with testosterone production too. Horny Goat Weed seems to have its own NO stimulating properties, not just PDE5 inhibition.

It’s not just about erections either. Many report stronger, more pleasurable orgasms, lasting longer and a range of other effects too.

Alas, there are some drawbacks to this formulation.

It is imbalanced.

It is HOT. That’s great as heat is needed for sex…but it can be too much. For this reason we don’t recommend taking Thor’s Hammer as a long term supplement (as in every day for months and months).

It is YANG. Again, this is great for a formula designed for men for sex, but it is not balanced.

And also importantly, it tastes horrible. The bitterness of Tongkat especially mixed with the saltiness of Cistanche and Mucuna. I love herbal tastes…and even my palette does not enjoy this one.

This is a reason that we sell about twice as many capsules as powdered bags of Thor.

And I’ll mention that this does work for women too. (After all, though not well know women have more erectile tissue then guys!) We recommend starting with a lower dose because of the yangness and hotness for ladies, and almost certainly the capsule form.

Compared to some of the formulas already covered, Thor’s Hammer takes a more mechanistic approach and less of an energetic one. This just goes to show that there are many ways formulation can work.

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