Formulations Part 2 – Goji & Schisandra Tincture

We continue with our discussion on the topic of herbal formulations. If you missed yesterday’s post, you can find it on the blog here.

Today I want to dive into something easier.

Our new Goji & Schisandra Tincture.

This is a combination of just two herbs, the simplest type of formulation there is. I learned from Sajah Popham of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism that understanding herbal duos like this is a great way to better understand herbs and formulations.

It’s kind of the training wheels of formulations. But that doesn’t mean they’re just for kids.

Obviously, Goji and Schisandra go well together. But why?

These two berries have wide ranging action across the body. Immunity, liver support, skin health, sharpening the eyes, inflammation, antioxidant, adaptogen, neuroprotection and much more.

There’s something about berries in general where they tend to hit on lots of systems in the body. Remember that for later as it will come up with Athena Formula.

The reason that these two pair so well is that they have some opposite qualities.

Goji berry is sweet. Schisandra has all five flavors but is primarily sour and astringent.

Goji berry is very yin. Schisandra is somewhat yang.

Goji berry is moist. Schisandra is drying.

You can learn more about Yin and Yang here. And Dry vs. Wet here.

(There’s also Cold vs. Hot though this one doesn’t play as much of a role in this formula, Goji being neutral and Schisandra just slightly warming.)

Understanding the energetics of the herbs such as these are crucial for good formulation.

And that’s one reason duos can be great to learn with. Often times you are aiming to balance opposites just like this!

If you’re working one on one with a client you might want to give moist herbs if they tend towards dryness. This takes understanding the constitution of the client as well as the energetics behind their health complaints. That’s great but a good intake process can take over an hour.

When you’re selling to the masses through a website like we are, we tend to work with formulas that are at least somewhat balanced. Because of the balancing action of this many, many people can use it for good effect.

And often when we see that herbs don’t work for a person it can be because of one of these constitutional mismatches.

Another consideration in formulations is amounts.

While there are only two herbs here, that doesn’t mean they’re equal.

Our Goji & Schisandra Tincture is two thirds Goji and one third Schisandra by weight. I experimented with 50/50 and 75/25 and I found this the best ratio for the tastes. Schisandra definitely has the sharper taste so this is rounded out with more Goji, just not too much.

Goji & Schisandra Tincture is our newest offering. And it only has one review so far…

“Great product”

If you’ve tried this one out, would you be willing to head to the page and leave a review? Much appreciated!

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