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There’s something special about sharing a workout experience with others — we’ve seen it! Hydrow members build friendships by finding one another on the leaderboard, push each other by sharing stats, and encourage each other through community-led challenges. Working out with people we know helps us feel connected and inspires us to be our healthiest selves — together! 

In celebration of the Hydrow community, we’re excited to announce the release of Invitations, our latest feature that makes it easier than ever for you to share your workout with others. With Invitations, you can invite your friends to do an on-demand workout if they are following you in the Hydrow app. Once you and your followers complete the workout, you can revisit the Invitation in your feed to chat with each other, compare workout stats, and share congratulations for a job well done!

Invite your followers to work out in 4 easy steps:
1. Tap into any on-demand workout in the Hydrow app and click “Invite People” 
2. Customize your message and post the Invitation. You and your followers can now see the invite in your feed.
3. Save the workout to your favorites so you can find it easily and complete it anytime.
4. Revisit the Invitation to compare workout stats and chat! (Get alerts for new invites & comments by turning on push notifications for Invitations in your profile!)

*Invitations is currently available on the iOS app and will soon be available on Android

How to find and follow friends
Whether you already have friends who use Hydrow or maybe you want to befriend members you’ve climbed the leaderboard with, we have ways to help you find the crew that’s right for you. Filtering your leaderboard by age range or gender identity narrows down the number of Hydrow members participating in each workout so you can find others who are similar to you. You can also join our Facebook community — Hydrow Training Camp — to connect with our Athletes and other Hydrow members about milestones, advice, competitions and more. 

Visit the feed of your Hydrow app to find and follow another member. From your feed you can search for other members by screen name, as well as see who you follow and who is following you. All you need is a few followers to begin using Invitations! For more detailed instructions on finding and following friends, see our support article.

Get started using Invitations

In case you needed some inspiration, here are some fun ways to use Invitations:

Unlock the power of a workout crew
Sometimes all we need is that extra push to get in a workout. What better way to stay accountable than inviting a group of friends to do a workout each week and keep each other motivated? Did we mention it’s proven that sharing a workout experience can also result in a better workout? More on that here

Push one another by quickly comparing workout stats 
Love racing? Us too! In your Invitations, you’ll be able to see a mini leaderboard comparing total meters and average split from your followers who have completed the row. Complete the workout more than once to improve your performance or catch up to another member!

Celebrate milestones with a crew that gets it
Big wins or small wins, there’s nothing like taking a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come. Even better is sharing that sense of accomplishment with others who are on the same journey! Celebrate a milestone with friends when you complete the same on-demand workout and share words of encouragement. 

Invitations makes it easier than ever for you to tap into the power of our community. We can’t wait to see how you invite others to #HydrowWintheDay and share the Hydrow journey with you.

Want to learn more? Check out our support article for further details.

Tell us what you think 
Do you have feedback on Invitations? Click the feedback button on your Hydrow or in the app and share your thoughts! 

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