Danone North America targets Millennials with refreshed Oikos blended line

Surbhi Martin, VP Greek Yogurt & Functional Nutrition at Danone North America, told FoodNavigator-USA: “So Oikos Triple Zero​ [15g protein, zero added sugar, artificial sweeteners, fat] year to date has seen very positive growth, and Oikos Pro ​[20g protein] has also exceeded our expectations, particularly with the level of positive incrementality rates.

“But Oikos Blue, it’s a business that was in decline, and so​ [the new] Oikos Blended​ ​line is a significant effort to restage it, to be able to bring innovation to market that really is exciting a younger audience, which is ​[a demographic] that that the Oikos Blue range was not able to serve.”

‘A white background, big bold lettering, and really luscious fruit…’

The new range – rolling out this month – builds on insights gleaned from a large piece of consumer research conducted by Kantar with 6,000 yogurt category buyers, which Martin claimed found that “the Greek segment was losing household penetration, especially with Millennials, who were going to other healthy snacks outside of yogurt.

”We learned that although many choose yogurt for functional benefits such as high protein or satiety, we were not necessarily seen as delivering an exciting food experience.

“And so we set out to bring back some excitement and drive some new news in the category to bring back those lost households. So we have a white background, big bold lettering, and really luscious fruit – as the product contains 50% more fruit than before – and we also have a new culture that really contributes to this creamy texture.”

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