Boomtown Announces the Launch of a New End-to-End CXM Platform

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Boomtown, a customer experience management company, has launched their new CXM platform, CXMEngine. CXMEngine connects CRM systems, enabling enterprises to orchestrate customer journeys across existing systems.

According to Forrester’s predictions, digital customer service interactions will increase by 40% in 2021. However, industry surveys continue to reveal that upwards of 77% of brands find it a challenge to create a cohesive cross-channel journey. Even when prioritizing customer experience management, the complexity of cross-enterprise and legacy systems continue to impair CX projects. With that in mind, CXMEngine was designed to unify disparate systems across partner organizations. CX professionals will have the visibility and control they need to deliver exceptional experiences.

“Speaking with enterprises, we saw an intense need for a platform that could help companies seamlessly deliver incredible customer experiences. The fact is, today’s CRM platforms are remarkably powerful, but they can’t do everything,” said Alfred ‘Chip’ Kahn IV, CEO and founder of Boomtown in a press statement. “CXMEngine was purpose-built for the realities of today’s enterprise IT environments. In doing so, we ensure the technology delivers real business value: customer retention, satisfaction, and above all else, experiences that drive growth.”

CXMEngine includes pre-built CRM integrations, experience management and visibility tools, knowledge delivery and integrated communication solutions. By utilizing AI, CXMEngine provides contextually accurate information that is readily available to customers and agents upon request. CXMEngine also has pre-built integrations with critical systems, including Fiserv for financial institutions. As customer expectations for great digital experiences continue to expand, CXMEngine enables companies to take control of the entire customer journey in custom system integration projects without hindrance.

Key features of CXMEngine include:

  • Customer journey orchestration: Based on company-defined inputs, CXMEngine personalizes interactions and routes inquiries to the right product expert or relationship owner.
  • AI-Powered knowledge delivery: CXMEngine’s AI uses customer-matching context, to deliver solutions directly to internal teams.
  • Comprehensive experience management and visibility tools: CXMEngine provides a detailed log of customer status and all interaction events so that the next interaction can resume exactly where the last one ended.
  • Pre-built CRM integrations: CXMEngine integrates with Salesforce, Twilio, Microsoft, and many more.
  • Integrated communication solutions: CXMEngine meets customers through their preferred medium while unifying all communication contextually.

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