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Basic Bike Check

Bikes should undergo a quick check before every ride. This is to ensure your bike is in top working condition to reduce the risk of mechanical faults and accidents. We want all riders to be safe when cycling their bike.

Before every ride we encourage all riders to do a simple ABCDS check  That’s:

  • A – Air – Tyres should be inflated and feel very firm to touch. Maximum pressure is written on the tyre.
  • B – Brakes – Test both front and back brakes. Brake pads should be clear from the rim.
  • C – Chain – See that it moves smoothly.
  • D – Drop – Lift the bike and drop from a few centimetres. Listen for odd sounds. Secure loose fittings
  • S – Saddle – Check that the saddle is secure and at the correct height (hip level). Shouldn’t be overextended. Seat needs to be bolted tightly

Bikes should have a more thorough check monthly, along with an annual check-up at a bike store.

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