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Webinars aren’t a new thing, and people have been conducting them for as long as a decade. However, with the dawn of the pandemic and people stuck at home, webinars have gotten much more popular than ever.

It was crucial for many to have a place for an outlet to help others through webinar therapies, to keep working smoothly from home offices, and to have a sense of connection when social distancing was a necessity. Fortunately, webinar softwares made all these tasks easier to an immense degree and didn’t disappoint.

Especially, considering that several webinar softwares come with amazing features like lead generation, targeting audience, and many more exciting details like online chat and more, they are fun to use and easy to learn. So, if you are fairly new to webinars or even if you are a webinar wizard and are looking for a great web-seminar holding software, it is time that you know about WebinarNinja.

What is WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja is a webinar hosting software and an all-inclusive solution when it comes to holding webinars from the safety and comfort of your home or office. It is a great solution for creators, teachers, coaches, salespeople, industry leaders, and almost everyone who needs to have a live session with their audience to get their point across. The webinar software comes with countless, easy-to-use features when it comes to hosting webinars without burdening you with any of the technical concepts that go behind it.

It is ideal for all kinds of audiences, from large to small, and offers great help for whatever you want to accomplish in the seminar, like teaching, counseling, promoting products, or selling. It provides the results that you want to achieve, is optimized for webinars that are easy to conduct, and facilitates holding, creating, and sharing webinars.

In fact, it is great to work with if you are an independent creator and do not have a host of people behind you to set up seminars and events for you. So, it simplifies the process and makes it accessible on your computer screen so that you can seamlessly present without a moment’s hassle.

Features & solutions you will love

WebinarNinja has a plethora of features and solutions that help simplify conducting webinars and help you create a bond with your engaging audience. You definitely can’t miss features like live webinars, series webinars, automated webinars, and the other absolute best features.

Features & solutions you will love

WebinarNinja is a true expert when it comes to doing live webinars with no lag times and no latency issues. You just need a decent internet connection and leave the rest to WebinarNinja’s no-delay software.

The easy-to-use software also helps make live webinars much more interesting by offering tools like segmented chat, interactive questions, polls, handouts, and offers, so that you are actually interacting with your audience than just speaking. The software allows you to seamlessly toggle between these features without tech-fuss when talking live with your audience.

If you are looking to be the thought-leader of your niche and have a regular audience that looks up to your knowledge, a series webinar is a way to go! It helps you sort out your content into a more manageable information series. Hence, you can delve deep into everything you need to share without crowding your webinar time-space.

Thus, WebinarNinja helps you create value-oriented training webinar series so that people come to you and get paid. Furthermore, they help you select free or paid webinars with the pay at registration feature. Ultimately the procedure is smoothly carried out, and you have a great sales day with WebinarNinja each day!

If you hope to make your webinar a fun experience but also have a few actions you would want your attendees to follow, you can easily customize a great landing page with WebinarNinja.

Hence, you have to spend mere minutes setting up the whole webinar, integrating it with your landing page, and having a successful webinar. In addition, you can upload videos, images, and Youtube links to the page, enhance your overall traffic, and have an easy time while doing so.

Not only does it allow you to seamlessly integrate the webinar experience with Youtube videos to create the ultimate best webinar, but also easily connects with payment apps and marketing websites.

This makes it easier for you to easily direct your viewers to your websites and respond to your call of action through secure payment apps. Hence, you get to establish knowledge and connectivity with your community and can use that to drive people to buy from you.

Having multiple presenters in your webinars helps you share multi-faceted information to your viewers through different perspectives. Or, simply create an engaging experience where viewers feel refreshed as presenters speak.

In addition, it helps build faith in the viewers as different people approach a topic from different sides but present the same things, ultimately leading to customer trust. Hence, WebinarNinja helps you do just this by allowing upto ten presenters and holding excellent webinars.

WebinarNinja helps create a replay room for those who missed your webinar, helps gather custom registration forms, shares automated webinars, and promotes your event. It sends automatic email notifications to the audience, provides live stats and analysis and dynamic layouts that help highlight important content.

  • Ease of use and crazy good customer support

The best thing about WebinarNinja is that you need not be a tech geek to hold successful webinars aided with tons of cool tools for your benefit. In addition, customers love its simple design and how easily you can get the hang of the software. It supports all devices, which means you can hold a webinar from your laptop, pc, mobile, tablet, etc., without any fuss at all!

It works with Apple, Android, Windows, Google, and iOs making it easier for you to access the services without downloading any software and from a platform that you are comfortable with.

Additionally, WebinarNinja takes customer support seriously and offers almost instant solutions to all your queries. To make the work easier, they have uploaded detailed help center articles to assist in holding, sharing, and creating webinars. They also provide detailed help to attendees who are wishing to attend your webinars, making sure you never lose a viewer. Their free-webinar course is also a must-see!

Why customers love us

WebinarNinja boasts of having some of the best customers and reviews ever. Their webinar experiences are personally curated to fit the needs of esteemed customers, and they ( customers ) have only the best things to say! Most reviewers sum up the service as user-friendly, easy to connect, and hassle-free through their honest reviews. In addition, they mention that WebinarNinja’s customer support is to die for, especially because you can get help anytime around the clock. In fact, WedbinarNinja proudly holds a 97.9% customer happiness rating!



WebinarNinja plans come at a steal-price of $39/mo for 100 attendees and go upto $199/mo for 1000 attendees. You get Facebook ad integration, eight-hour-long sessions, hybrid webinars, and other options with Plus and Power plans!

Final words

As said earlier, WebinarNinja is an all-in-one solution when it comes to holding great webinars that impact your audience. The pricing, features, and tools are great, along with their marketing options that help reach more people for successful sessions!

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