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We all love to keep our close memories captured in a frame and keep them somewhere close to us. The conventional approach to do so was to frame the photos and hang them. However, hanging photos on walls have taken a new approach these days, canvas prints.

Canvas prints have been gaining a lot of popularity these days, and when we did some research, we saw that a lot of customers were satisfied. So, we ordered one as well, and here is our opinion.

What are Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are photos that are printed on a canvas. In conventional frames, we printed the image on paper and then kept it inside a frame made of glass and wood. In the case of canvas prints, the image is printed on a canvas and then stretched or wrapped onto a hard frame.

Why Choose Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints have a lot of advantages over conventional frame prints. Photos printed on canvas can maintain their color and quality for years. A good quality canvas print is waterproof and scratch-resistant as well.

Canvas prints have a different texture compared to framed prints. The photos look like a matte finish is applied to them. Since you are looking at the print directly and not through a glass, you can see the true color depth of the photo. Photos printed in canvas do not have any glare or reflection, unlike framed prints where the glass can reflect light.

Framed prints can be heavy. Also, since there is a risk of the glass being broken, they need to be handled very carefully. This poses a problem when moving large frame prints. Canvas prints, however, are easy to move. They are light in weight and can be handled very easily.

Canvas prints are cost-effective as well. All you need to pay for is the canvas and the frame. The material is cheap, and you can customize the material of the frame. In the case of framed photos, you need to pay extra charges for the glass and frame as well, which can increase if the image gets bigger.

Canvas Prints

To try one out ourselves, we ordered a canvas photo from Canvas Prints. On their website, you can buy canvas photos, collages, wall displays, and triptychs. You also have multiple options to choose the size and depth of the frame.

You will be able to send them the photos you want to print by uploading them to their website. Then you need to select the size of the frame. Their software chooses the best fit for your picture. However, you can select the size on your own as well. Besides their presets, you also get the option to choose a custom size.

Built-in Photo Editor

When you upload the photo, an editor will open up, where you will be able to move or resize the photo that you want to print. You also get the option to rotate the photo. By resizing the photo, you will be able to set the border thickness.

What we liked about this editor is that it gives you the option to change the color of the photo to black and white. This is a very good feature for monochrome lovers. You can see the preview of the final result when editing the photo.

Photo Collage Prints

Additional Customization

After you are done editing the picture, you will get some optional customization features. Blind shipping means you can remove the name of the company on the packaging and the product. It will remove any relation to the company. Adding blind shipping will cost you an additional $15. Canvas depth is the thickness of the frame. The default option is .75 inches, but you can set the size to any value. The price will depend on the thickness. Every canvas print is designed in a way that it can be hung on a wall. But if you want a premium look and make it look like the picture is kept in a gallery, you can order their premium hanging kit. It will cost you an additional $5.

If you want to keep a border on your canvas print, you can customize the color of that border as well. The border is blurred by default and won’t cost you anything. You can choose solid colors (white, black, and grey), or you can opt for a mirror finish. Adding border colors or mirror finish will cost you $6. You can opt for next-day shipping for $15. You can also get digital proof of the image that will show you how your final order will look like. However, you won’t be able to opt for next-day shipping. Digital proof will cost $5.

The Product

We did not opt for next-day delivery, but we got our product in a few days. And we have to admit, the quality of the print is really good. The colors were deep, and nothing felt over-saturated. The canvas material was sturdy and felt very good in our hands.

What we liked about CanvasPrints There are so many things that we liked about CanvasPrints when we bought the product. Firstly, the canvas photo was made of good quality material and gave a premium feel at a much cheaper price compared to its competitors. The canvas material was waterproof, and you can expect the picture to last for years.

The colors felt real, and nothing was too saturated. You won’t be able to see the uneven surface of the canvas unless you look at it too closely. The overall design and finish made it look like the photo was hung in a gallery. The products are fully made in America, and the delivery was really fast, even without next-day shipping. You can get free shipping if you order above $150. You can pay for the product with zero-interest installments via Klarna. They provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like their product. However, we felt that their service could be improved by allowing the buyer to crop the uploaded image.

Final Verdict

The quality of the product they are giving in their price range is absolutely amazing and can go shoulder to shoulder with other pricey variants made by their competitors. In our opinion, if you are looking for a good quality canvas print but you have a tight budget, you should check out

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