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Current estimates suggest that one in 270 people globally is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, as per the World Health Organization. People with autism typically struggle with communication, socializing, understanding emotions, repetitive behaviors, sensory issues, meltdowns, and many other problems.

As a spectrum disorder, autism differs from person to person. Because of this, everyone with autism faces their own difficulties. But today, there are many apps that enable those with an autism spectrum disorder to overcome the different challenges they face daily, whether it’s communicating with others, learning new skills, getting more sleep, or managing different emotions. Below, we’ve rounded up the best autism apps of 2021.


For many people with autism, a consistent routine is paramount to getting through everyday life. Without one, they can quickly become anxious and stressed. Should you need help establishing a successful routine as someone with autism, it’s worth checking out visual daily planning app Tiimo. With it, you can create a visual schedule that outlines the various tasks and activities to be completed throughout the day. 

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When creating activities and checklists in the Tiimo app, you can visualize them using emojis, icons, and colors. Tiimo also offers a visual timeline for managing different tasks and will remind you about your activities. Additionally, you can choose from a range of pre-designed routines to build a daily schedule quickly, create up to five schedules, access an iCal integration, and so much more.

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