Banza strikes first branded foodservice partnership with Oath Pizza

“We wanted people to feel great about eating pasta again and to have as many pasta nights as you want. The same thing is true with what we’re trying to do with pizza,” ​Mike Tarullo, chief operating office at Banza, told FoodNavigator-USA.

Since launching its pizza product line (which includes frozen pizza crust and topped frozen pizzas) in October 2020, Banza has become the fastest-selling frozen pizza crust brand in the grocery channel. Since January 2021, Banza has sold two pizzas every minute, claims the company.

Banza’s frozen topped pizzas have also been highly incremental to retailers’ frozen pizza section, which aside from cauliflower-based brands and a handful of other gluten-free options, is an area of the store that’s still ripe for better-for-you disruption, notes Tarullo.

“If you went maybe five years ago, you wouldn’t have found any better-for-you pizza at all. What everyone is looking for is that delicious crispy crust and doughy center pizza-like experience that makes you want to come back for more. A better-for-you product still needs to deliver that experience,” ​Tarullo told FoodNavigator-USA.

Incremental growth

“It’s ​[Banza frozen pizza] been 80% incremental. Of that, 50% are brand new​ [to the category] – that’s who we’re most excited about. That means we’re providing a meal solution that they weren’t able to find before,”​ Tarullo told FoodNavigator-USA, adding that the other 30% of consumers are now buying more frozen pizza than they did before. 

For the company’s full portfolio including its shelf-stable boxed chickpea pasta, rice, and mac and cheese, Banza has grown at a CAGR of 88% from 2017-2020.

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