B2B Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn: How to Get Started

How to Identify Influencers on LinkedIn

There’s no shortage of influencers to work within the B2B space.

But because the definition of a LinkedIn influencer is pretty open-ended, finding potential partnerships can be overwhelming. Doing so requires a bit of legwork and research, so you need to know what to look for.

First thing’s first: spend some time scrolling through your personal or professional LinkedIn feed. 

You might be surprised at influencers you already know or have secondhand connections with. If you realize that you have a 1st-degree connection with an influencer that’d be perfect with your brand, start there for outreach.

Next, conduct a search of hashtags and keywords relevant to your industry (think: “content marketing” or #remotework). Based on both connections and how much engagement an influencers’ content is getting, you can instantly see who has pull in your network.

Then, make a list of potential contacts and scroll through their profiles to ensure their engagement is consistent. Legitimate influencers post content regularly (think: daily or nearly daily) and should have a buzzing “Activity” feed, too.

As a side note, you can use someone’s LinkedIn title as a signal as to whether or not they’re an influencer accepting offers from brands. Keep in mind that many LinkedIn influencers will have creative titles or headlines, but rarely will anyone label themselves “LinkedIn Influencer” outright. On the flip side, those with full-time roles “Marketing Manager at [X Company]” might not be as open to a partnership.

If you want to save yourself some serious time finding influencers, take advantage of a platform like IZEAx Discovery. The upside of IZEAx Discovery is that you can browse influencers without having to worry about whether or not they want to work with brands. We not only make it a cinch to spot influencers relevant to your target audience, but also vet their engagement so you know they’re legitimate.

In short, you can find someone in a snap that fits your audience and budget without a ton of second-guessing.

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