AI the new norm in nutraceuticals

While artificial intelligence is often described as an emerging technology, many companies have been using it for years. A new survey has found that nutraceutical industry leaders expect technological advancements such as machine learning to become the ‘new norm.’

A global industry survey conducted by India-based platform Nutrify Today and US-based marketing firm Baker Dillon Group, spoke with nutra leaders from the USA, Israel, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, and Japan. 

Responders indicated that technological advancements in the industry will enable a more personalized approach towards nutrition over the next three years. Over a quarter of participants stated that they expect the development of highly accurate sensors will be possible through collaborations with the medtech industry.

The demand for such interventions is supported by recent market research which forecasts significant growth for personalized nutrition. In 2020, the worldwide market for personalized nutrition products was estimated to be worth 8.2 billion dollars. By 2025, the market is predicted to be twice that, according to Statista.

3D and AI 

Another finding was that 12% of the respondents believe that profiling individuals and providing specific dosages and ingredients based on their individual requirements is possible via robotics and 3D printing. Fifteen percent of respondents also said they expect artificial intelligence to play a pivotal role in the nutra industry as well. 

One company that is using both 3D printing and AI is Remedy. The personalized health tech company developed proprietary heptacombo 3D printing technology​ and a vegan encapsulation formula that combines ingredients into daily gummy stacks that are personalized via an online consultation and the company’s proprietary algorithm. 

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