A List of Herbal Blogs

This page is an attempt to compile a complete list of all herbal blogs. I was inspired to create this list after finding a couple of really great herbal blogs that I had no idea existed. Of course in creating this page I found even more herbal blogs! 

Blogs are a prolific avenue of sharing information. As a collective whole they represent contemporary herbalism in a way our herbal ancestors never dreamed of! 

Once you start scrolling down this list of blogs you might feel a little overwhelmed. So many blogs, so little time! 


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So cozy up, grab your cup of tea and prepare to be dazzled by the plethora of herbal information people have been inspired to share!

Blogs are listed in alphabetical order and have descriptions that have been provided by the owner of the blog. 

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The Herbal Blogs

7Song’s Blog
A blog by 7Song.

All Natural Pet Care
& holistic pet care information, news, recipes, remedies, and
animal welfare content.  All pets are covered, from fish to farm.

Bernard, a French clinical herbalist who practices in the south-east of
France, likes to blend traditional French herbalism with american
schools of thoughts. He offers his perspective (in French language) on medicinal plants that he either grows himself or picks in the hills of beautiful Provence.

A Radicle
A blog by Guido Masé.

Angelic Herbs For Vibrant Health
Herbs For Vibrant Health is geared towards healing through earth
awareness and self empowerment by the use and knowledge of herbal
medicine. In the blog, you will find articles written on specific
healing plants as well as instructions for do-it-yourself medicine
making, herbal infused recipes, and ideas for living vibrantly. All
formulas under the ‘Products For Sale’ section are fully hand crafted
for healing the body, mind, and emotional spirit. May you be inspired to
live vibrantly and blissfully as you bless yourself with the bounty of
the earth’s healing love. 

Artemis Herbals
A blog covering wildcrafting, therapeutics, recipes and my health related philosophical rants!

Banyan Moon Botanicals
Moon Botanicals is inspired by Yogini Herbalist, Kristin Henningsen. Join her as she shares her knowledge of herbs, yoga, nutrition, and
mamahood. Let the adventures begin!

My musings on Herbalism as a clinical art.

Bilberry Hill
Learnings of an apprentice herbwife. I’m
a Sanctuary Apprentice with Sarah Head. I’ll be blogging about my
experiences learning and using herbs medicinally and nutritionally
throughout 2012.


Welcome to Botaniscape―Nature’s Answer for Nurture™, where a budding Herbalist celebrates her journey in the beauty, peace and healing of Herbalism in a community of care. Authored and facilitated by Journalist and Author, Loretta Boyer McClellan, known fondly as Lori, Botaniscape™ is a state of well-being in this authentic journey of living an abundant life of balance, peace, beauty, compassion and awareness, where Nature nurtures, most notably through Herbalism—the study and engaged art of partnering supportive herbs with beings.

A blog by Juliet Blankespoor. Medicinal herbs, wild foods, botany, ecology and medicinal herb cultivation.

Cathy Skipper
set this blog up a few weeks ago in order to group my articles
together. I am a teacher at Lyon’s herbal school in France where I teach
herbal botany and herbal gardening. You will find musings, sketches and
articles about herbs and related subjects.

Cauldrons & Crockpots
and Crockpots is a blog about food, herbs, travel and magic. You know,
the magic that’s in the scent of a few sprigs of and some rose petals in
a hot cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. The magic of the love in a
sprinkling of sugar on a fresh-out-the-oven biscotti for your friend
who’s having a bad day; in thyme syrup bubbling away on the stove for
treating a nasty cough; and in burning juniper twigs for sick rooms; or
in crushed sage leaves for grounding. That kind of thing. 

Comfrey Cottages
A blog by Leslie.

CommonWealth Center for Herbal Medicine
and blog posts by Boston-based herbalists Katja Swift and Ryn Midura
covering all aspects of herbal medicine, as well as ancestral nutrition,
primal and restorative movement, vitalist healing philosophy, natural parenting, ecology, and more.

Crow’s Daughter’s Herbal Wisdom
Sharing the compassionate wisdom of the plants and connecting people with the ancient tradition of nourishing wholeness.

The Daily Dose of Joy
at Urban Moonshine, we’re cultivating joy through daily inspirations,
to ease the transition between seasons and to assist the complicated,
modern lives we find ourselves leading. Inspired by the Aromatic
Apothecary (including Linden, Motherwort, Lemonbalm and Rose) we hope to
uplift the spirit and gladden the heart with joyful thoughts and tonic

Dandelion Revolution
A blog by Celia Linnemann.

Desert Tortoise Botanicals
with plants in the Sonoran desert.  Featuring Sonoran herbalist John
Slattery, this blog is concerned with Sonoran desert plants for food and
medicine, Vitalism, nutrition, traditional healing in the Sonoran
desert, and thoughts on sustainability.  Now featuring Herb of the Month
plant profiles and more to come on the medicinal plants of northern

Doing it All Natural
This is a blog that teaches how to make herbal preparations such as tinctures, glycerites, oxymels, elixirs and flower essences, as well as information on common wildflowers and the medicinal properties they offer. 

Dreaming a Beautiful World
A blog by Sharol Tilgner.

Eat Weeds
A wild food guide to the edible plants of Britain.

Earth and Tree
am creating this space as a repository of knowledge, inspiration and
resources in celebration of the Earth. Hope you like it and will find it
useful.. please get involved as it grows and develops.

beautiful, free, and in-depth resource for herbalists and gardeners:
find plant profiles, try herbal recipes, and understand ecological
principles through carefully crafted diagrams, season-round photographs,
and collated research.

Escualpe et Isis
Escualpe et Isis is a french speaking site dedicated to the translation and publication of english herbal articles. You’ll find recipes, ideas and philosophy of the herbal path. Since good ideas are everywhere, and a lot are in english, goodness is even better when shared.

Farm at Coventry~From the Green Side

Hess is a therapeutic herbalist from southeastern Pennsylvania. “Tales
from the Green Side’ describes daily life on the farm, her Homestead
Herbalism classes and shares her love of herbs, gardening, photography and her Pennsylvania German heritage.

fellow workers farm
workers farm is the blog of traci picard and it is a collection of
plant-based rants and raves including photos and updates on the fwf

Feral Botanicals
Botanicals is a blog about going back to the wild. Follow my journey of
learning and living the Earth skills in wilderness survival, nature
mentoring and current projects. The main focus of Feral Botanicals is my
experiences using plants as medicine, food, and ethnobotany.

Field of Tansy
of the Herbal Ally Year. Posts about herbs, herbal medicine, wild
edibles and various other ramblings of a gypsy hippy herbalist. 

Food Weds Herbs
are all connected through this green Earth that surrounds and supports
us. I promise to share information and original recipes and to get out
into the wild for ingredients. My love is food, my passion is herbs and
my gift is writing and photographing them.

Fresh Picked Beauty
Delicious, Do-It-Yourself Recipes for Face, Body & Hair.

Gaia’s Gifts
A blog by Darcey Blue.

Garden Thyme Herbs
My blog is about interesting herbal articles. It is
about my thoughts on herbs and gardening, including using herbs.  I
also post herbal recipes and herbal craft information.  I blog on things
I find interesting and you might too, like Jumping Worms! I
have grown herbs and plants almost all my life. We live on an acre in
NE Vigo County in Indiana.  I’ve had Garden Thyme Herbs as a business
since 2000.  Hope you enjoy it.

Ginger Tonic Botanicals
I write topics mainly focusing on herbal medicine along with nutrition and garden to table recipes. My goal is create content that connects herbal medicines to each person in a simple, safe and educational way. I also like to geek out a bit with medicine making, herbal formulating and physiology as well.

Gold Roots & Threads
herbal medicine, theory and art & praxis in Cascadia.’ Written
for the creative herbalist & the Earth-inspired designer and
innovator, this blog weaves together herbal practice, social change,
community building, art and design. 

Granny Woman Ozark Herbs
seemingly endless discovery of medicinal plants in the Ozarks and
beyond. How the ancient knowledge emerges and integrates into our
contemporary perspective. Evidence for the claims made on behalf of
plant intelligence and skill at balancing us and other living beings.

Green Man Ramblings
A blog by Sean Donahue.

Green Lynx Flower Essences and Bear Creek Apothecary
A small batch, seasonal apothecary. I am also an herbal EO and hydrosol distiller since 1998.

Happy Reskilling
a naturopath and I live in the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. My blog
is about reskilling: making herbal remedies, using plants for dyeing,
foraging, spinning, real food and the joy of living a simple life!

Healing Harvest Homestead
Healing Harvest Homestead is a website dedicated to helping people become more self-reliant in the area of herbal wisdom and self-care, as well as other natural health and homesteading topics. Learn how to forage, grow, cook, formulate, and create with herbs!

Healing Herbs
Weeds offers mainstream, accessible information to help anyone
interested in getting to know the true value of wild plants growing in
Europe and in the United Kingdom, their medicinal properties, edibility
and other folk usages.

Henriette’s Herbal Blog
A blog by Henriette Kress.

Herb Idea
Idea is a resource for health articles, herbal ideas, recipes and
gardening tips from Herbalist and Master Gardener Lisa Mosbey.

Herbal Musings
I blog about herbal medicines, how to make them and plant profiles.  I want to empower people to learn about herbs and herbal medicine.

admittedly not a blog, but since jim mcdonald hosts some of the best
herbal information to be found, it would be remiss not to add his site
to this list. Most of you probably already know and use his article
index resource, if you don’t, you are gonna love it!

Herb Geek
Geek is an educational resource for natural healing featuring articles
on wellness and alternative medicine with a strong focus on herbal
medicine. We welcome original, creative, and high quality articles
written from personal experience at all levels of expertise.

Herb Realm
Where I share information about herbs, my garden and the odd recipe in pursuit of a healthy life.

Herb Rowe
A blog by Karol Thunder Rowe.

Herbal Academy of New England
blog by the Herbal Academy of New England’s staff and teachers,
including Marlene Adelmann and Annie Hall. We write about the plants we
discover, and the magic that comes with our experiences at the school.
Many tea and healthy, vegetarian recipes are shared and photographed, as

Herbal Alchemy
Jewelie is an herbalist, natural perfumer, shopkeeper and mama.She muses on the beauty, magic and wonder of the natural world.

The Herbal Baby Blog
about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby care the herbal
way. A special section for inspiration, DIY, herbal recipes, resources,
and sweet herbal baby names.

Herbal Brews and Healthy Living Resources
Preparations, and Health Topic Information from herbalist Nicole Telkes
of Wild Spirit Botanicals and the Wildflower School.

Herbal Encounter 
is a documentaton of the writer’s personal journey on the herbal path,
discussing topics related to herbal medicine, folklore, plants, seeds,
sustainable living, permaculture and recipes. Guest authors are welcome to contribute.”

Herbal Haven
The herbal world of a self confessed herbaholic.

Herbal Homestead Blog
to the blog for Moonwise Herbs and Brooms. We are urban farmers, living
in a small city. Our home is a permaculture site, which emphasizes
beauty, function and sustainability. Linda and John will both share bits
of wisdom about the workings of our urban farm, our foraging as well as
other adventures, our workshop schedule and more!

Herbal Roots Zine
The first and only monthly herbal publication for children about herbs. 

Herbalist’s Journal
Blog is a glimpse into how I use herbs and natural foods every day, how
my family approaches seasonal living and celebrations, gardening
and greenhouse growing. I share my herbal insights and tips, recipes,
quotes, herbal news and all the great herbal wisdom I learn from my
Consultation clients and other gardeners.

Description: A blog that celebrates the art of herbalism, natural health, and real food. By Pennsylvania herbalist Karla Parker, “The Artful Herbalist”.

is about all things herbal, with the non-alternative reader in mind.
There are people who want to embrace a more natural approach to health
& home but have no intention of changing their entire lifestyle.
Many online resources assume a certain grassroots knowledge, Herbology
provides safe (and sane) base knowledge to whet the appetite and
encourage more learning about natural health through herbs.

Herbs, Health and History: Reclaiming the Wisdom of our Past
have studied the flora and fauna of Fish Creek, an outlet of Saratoga
Lake, in upstate New York, for 15 years, and have written and
illustrated over two dozen journals about this beautiful waterway. I
have written about, illustrated, and photograped what I found there, and
it has only served to ignite my curiosity about the natural world, all
the more. About ten years ago, I began to become interested in wild
medicinal plants. This blog is my effort to share with others some of
the exciting things that I am learning.

Herbalism in your neck of the woods. HerbRally is a growing resource for the community. Find events organized chronologically by state, read beautiful and in-depth monographs, search online schools or find a local apprenticeship near you. 

Herb Society of America Blog
The Herb Society of America is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research and sharing the experience of its members with the community.

Herbwife’s Kitchen
A blog by Rebecca Crabapple.

Hill Country Herbalist
venue to discover and learn about native and naturalized plants and
their benefits through ingestion or application to the body. 

Holistic Health Herbalist
Artist, herbalist, daydreamer, and lover of folklore, myth, and fairytales.

Holt Wood Herbs
Holt Wood is a project in southwest of UK where herbalist Anne Stobart
and her partner are exploring ways to sustainably cultivate and harvest
medicinal trees and shrubs. Based in Devon, the site of Holt Wood has
been transformed from a redundant conifer plantation to a thriving
medicinal forest garden. The design draws on permaculture principles and
incorporates layers of native and introduced healing plants.

Hunger and Thirst
Foraging, Feasting and Adventure  in the Rocky Mountains. 

I Just Gotta Share
Join Debbie on her journey as an earthling, naturalist, conservationist, herbalist, and on becoming a domestic engineer. She has been exploring the earth, its plants and wonders since she was able to walk. Debbie is a forager and loves using food and herbs to heal her family and others. She delights in sharing her knowledge of plants, their medicinal properties and ways to utilize them. Her love and wonder of the natural world and how humans can harness its magic shines through her writing and classes.

Indie Herbalist
A blog by Agatha Noveille. The adventures of a mad-hatter herbalist, as I create a life full of herbs and healthy insanity!

In Yerbas Veritas 
Diary of a plant-loving chica: a blog by Becki Garza, owner of La Yerberia herbals.

Integral Herbalism
A blog by Owen Okie.

Into the Green
A heartfelt and inspiring blog about herbs and natural healing. This
blog, written by herbalist Elaine Sheff of Green Path Herb School, has
lots of herbal and body care recipes, gardening tips, wild food musings
and more.

Based on plants and oils beauty and health plus I give away a free product that I make every month!

Lady Barbara’s Garden
a New York Stater transplanted to Western Oregon in 2005, Lady Barbara
landed in Wonderland. Lyme Disease and Colon Cancer survivor, LadyB
persists in discovering and sharing not only the Plant Allies who give
so generously of themselves, but the life-saving humor that lurks in
some of the darkest places.

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Lesley Tierra
A blog by Lesley Tierra.

Life Herbs
Anne Chiotis MNIMH is a U.K. medical herbalist, with over thirty years clinical experience. My blogs mainly cover medical conditions and their treatment using herbal medicine.

Lisa’s Herb Remedies
This blog is dedicated to  the study of herbalism, with posts on herb plants, gardening, herbal remedies, recipes, and herb walks by a budding herbalist.

Luna Herb Company
Posts about herbs, herbal medicine, wild edibles and other musings on walking the herbal path.

Mama Rosemary
children and healthy, inspired living are my passion.  Mama Rosemary is
a place for sharing all the great things I have learned along the way
on the path of Motherhood and beyond.  I am honored for this opportunity to
share herbal ideas, tips and information for Mamas and their families,
as well as fun herbal, craft and science ideas for working (playing)
with children.

Mande Plants (Medicinal and Edible Plants)
talk about the medicinal and edible uses of plants, as well as garden
tips.  All Photos are taken by me.  Many of the plants I talk about are
grown in my garden, some are weeds and natives.  

Mallow and White Pine
Cat Lane’s blog on herbs for humans and other beings.Magic and medicine from the enchanted Gatineau Hills.

Meadow Muffin Gardens 
write about whatever issues are in my own life or surround my Meadow
Muffin Gardens shop. The shop consists of all natural, handmade family
care such as salves, creams, potions and lotions.

Medicinal Plants, Wild Food & Ethnobotany
collection of plants and their medicinal and edible uses. Learn to use
the plants in your neighbourhood. You may make requests for information
on any plant you choose.

Medicinal Plant Zone
compilation of information about the world of herbs including subjects
such as making herbal products, natural remedies, herb gardening, herbal
tea, essential oils and herbal supplements. This blog is a labor of
love – a love for herbs and their natural healing properties.
Michael Tierra
A blog by Michael Tierra.

Moonflower Musings
This blog is an earthy brew of practical and spiritual herbalism. It includes grounded, informative posts on how to use herbs, as well as discussions about the subtle energies and spiritual nature of plants. Moonflower Musings is written by Sarah Baldwin, an Indiana-based herbal adventurer who delights in sharing her knowledge and experiences.

Moonwise Herbs Blog
A blog written by herbalist, wild edibles aficionado and wise woman Linda Conroy. This blog offers plant medicine as well as wild food inspiration and recipes. 

Mountain Herb
am a Master Herbalist with a small practice and apothecary in rural BC.
I am focused on family wellness, pre and post natal wellness, I offer
workshops, and I run a children’s herb club. I post about our adventures
here in rural BC as we live off grid in a yurt and are starting the
process of building a home and teaching centre on our land as well as
all things herby.  

Mountain Rose Herbs Blog

Mulher Verde
Verde is a herbal blog made by a Brazilian witch who calls herself
Green Womyn. It’s all written in Portuguese and brings information about
medicinal herbs and magickal properties of them.There are also reviews of herbal books, recipes, information about trees and full moons celebrated.

Myrobalan Clinic
is a look at what goes on behind the scenes of my herbal clinic in
rural West Dorset UK. I grow or gather most of my medicines and make
them into tinctures, capsules and ointments.  Working with fresh plants
means that I constantly renew the awe and respect that I hold for herbal
medicines.  I believe that I have the best job in the world!

Mystical Magical Herbs
blog is about garden herbs: their benefits, how to use, grow, harvest
and preserve them. Find articles on herbs used in Medieval times, the
Legend of the Four Thieves Formula…Asian, South American and Exotic
Herbs. We also feature monthly articles- From the Herb Basket and In the
Herb Garden. Lots of practical tips on herbal teas, remedies, buying
and selecting herbs, indoor gardening and recipes.

Natural Designs ~ Herbal Remedies
journal is about preserving herbs and energizing ones health with
proven herbal remedies learned from my elders and Amish neighbors.
 Holistic living and well-being is maintained by using native herbs
growing in meadows and backyard gardens.
Natural Healing Omaha Blog
an urban herbalist’s perspective on practical herbal healing. Mo Horner
is a breast cancer survivor who’s educating her conservative Midwest
community about natural healing. She shares common sense observations
about specific herbs, meditation, healing foods and healthy lifestyle

Natural Health by Karen Vaughan 
(formerly Acupuncture and Herbs by Karen Vaughan.)   

Natural Health and Prevention
Attaining optimal health through natural means.

Naturally Simple Living
blog by Iowan herbalist  Stephany Hoffelt.   The blog started as a
homesteading blog in 2004 and sort of evolved with me.  I cover
herbalism, gardening, food preparation/preservation and anything else on
which I feel the need to expound. 

A space for my musings and experiences working with herbs for my family and friends, and sharing that joy with my community.
Numen Film Blog
vision in producing the film Numen: the Healing Power of Plants is to
help launch a grassroots medicine movement that is as widespread and
powerful as the local food movement. We hope that the film as well as
discussions around topics in the film at screenings and here, on-line,
can spark new conversations and debates about health and wellness and
inspire real, tangible actions in communities across the country. This
blog, connected with the film, is a forum for ideas and conversations
about designing resilient, ecologically sustainable healthcare on a
community and national level.

Nurturing Health Through the Wisdom of Nature
with recipes, tips, philosophy and practical application, this blog is
written by a practising herbalist and homeopath living in the North

Old Ways Herbal
Old Ways Herbal offers articles and herbal recipes for the home healer, with the intention of helping folks reclaim the lost wisdom of family and community self-care. Old Ways Herbal is written by Juliette Abigail Carr from her herb school, farm, and clinical practice in Southern Vermont.

Open Ayurveda
Cooking with Herbs, Yoga, Gardening, Crafting, Homesteading…a
balanced life is a healthy life. A healthy life is a happy one.

Plant Journeys
A Journal of Healing Plants, Nature Connection, and Amrita Apothecary Sacred Herbals.

Pocket Linings
I’m an herbalist who believes that there’s nothing wrong with you. I’m
interested in healing through unlearning the ways we’ve been taught that
we’re not ok.  I explore this through the topics of herbalism,
spiritual practice, nature connection, word medicine, health at every
size, and parenting.  This blog has a devoted following of tender,
curious, plant-loving hearts, who tell me my writing is healing and full
of love.

Poppy Swap Blog
Swap is like etsy, but it’s specifically for herbalists! Their slogan
is, “We bring people herbs.” And they mean it! They have a wonderful
blog filled with interesting tidbits as well. 

Red Clover Mama
personal blog devoted to learning more about herbal healing; within
ourselves, the family & community. My focus over the next year
(2012-2013) is women’s health through the many stages of our lives
(especially during the prenatal and postpartum periods). Red Clover Mama
is also a mish mash of wildcrafting, herbal information, my published
articles and a look into my experiences as an herbal apprentice!

Return to Nature
Return to Nature is a Wild Plant and Mushroom, Forest Medicine, and Primitive Skills Blog. Dan De Lion offers classes, workshops, and education about wild plant and mushroom foraging, herbalism, survival skills, and Earth based Philosophy.

Sensory Herbcraft
are Wild Green Hedge Witches – who have formed a Community Interest
Company -Sensory Solutions CIC our aims are to build a Herbal
Arts Center in the UK. We lead Sensory Herbcraft Workshops connected
folks with Nature through their own Innate Intuition and Sensory

Soulstice Herbal
Herbals is the herbal blog of Amy Lesser, who lives on a 5th generation
family farm with her husband and 2 children, in Dexter, Michigan.  She
has found that living by the seasons and in harmony with the natural
world has enriched her life. Now she wants to share that knowledge with
others.  Herbal medicines that are growing right in our own back yards,
the ways of the natural seasons and their progression and following the
intuition of the soul are all part of Soulstice Herbals. An herbal soap
and candle making business, growing local food, living by the moon, and
harvesting wild foraged goods are the things you will learn about here.

Southern Herbalist
Herbalist is a blog dedicated to exploring herbs, trees, animals and
our relationship with Mother Earth.  Earth Ways classes are available
here, as is information on Sacred Hoop Herbals. 

Spiraea Herbs
Spiraea Herbs is
a collection of herbal information based on the practices of
Traditional Western herbalism.  It’s pages will provide facts on local
herbs, methods of herbal preparation and general information on the
systems of the body and their herbal treatments.  Spiraea Herbs also
follows the education of a student of traditional Western herbalism and
the future opening of an herbal clinic in Ontario, Canada.

StarDragonfly Herbals
write about herbs, native plants of Northeast Texas, health, using
herbs as medicine, cooking, baking, and caring for animals with herbs. 
Even though I stray to other farm topics or regional topics, I always
try to include something herbal.  I also try to keep things simple.

Studio Botanica
herbalist Carol Little shares healthy ideas for busy women. She loves
to write about herbs, traditional herbal medicine, healing meals and
finding “balance” with healthy alternatives to encourage radiant health
& self-reliance. Helpful hints to nourish & empower with
hope for building online community conversations!

Sun God Medicinals
At Sun God Medicinals transparency and education are some of our core values. We support our region’s organic herb farmers, sustainable wildcrafters, health-conscious food producers, and local artisans.

Sustain, Create and Flow
Create and Flow is a blog that fancies all things herbal, DIY, frugal,
sustainable, and green.  With some urban homesteading and some eco-baby
raisin’ thrown in to keep things spicy, I write about the journey that
is living a more intentional and purposeful life.

Swamp Pixie Herbal    
regularly share recipes, herb profiles, pictures of my chicken (whoo!),
and much, much more!  I’m a hearth witch who adores honey and medicinal
booze, and love sharing it with other herbal crafters! I’m the head
pixie of Pixie’s Pocket, my herb-infused honey shop.

Sweet Roots
name is Mary Banducci and I blog over at Sweet Roots {Infusions of
Herbal Living}. Sweet Roots {infusions of herbal living} is my personal
photography blog where I journal herbal, dairy-free and gluten-free
recipes along with natural home, body, and baby care tips.

Tales of a Kitchen Herbwife
Head is a UK herb lover who has been growing and using her own herbs in
the Midlands since 1995. She writes about her experiences using herbs
to treat friends and family and mentoring others to become confident in
their herbal journey.

Tamara’s Herbes
Herbes, focuses on herbs and their medicinal uses, both internally and
externally. It also has several (mostly) healthy recipes and tips on
living a more natural lifestyle. To go along the recipes, I’ve also included a few posts on cooking with herbs and hope to expand on that topic in the future.

Texas Herbs
growing, and using wild medicinal plants in and around Texas(and other
random places) from herbalist Nicole Telkes of the Wildflower School of
Botanical Medicine.
The Backyard Patch Herbal Blog
growing herbs for almost 20 years now, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh started a
blog as a way to share all the knowledge gathered on growing and using
herbs.  She loves to cook with herbs and has amassed a gazillion recipes
which she shares here along with an herb of the week and many other
topics from tea to bath to medicinal uses of herbs.  Browse and enjoy!

The Essential Herbal Blog
A blog by the Twisted Sisters to support their fabulous herbal magazine. 

The Family Herbalist
herbalist Natalie Vickery shares her herbal experiences and common
sense approach to health, nutrition and natural living.

The Forager’s Path
articles focus on Community Herbalism: empowering folks to use the
healing plants with family, friends and the local community. We are
located in Flagstaff, Arizona and special emphasis is placed on the
regional plants of the Southwest and the Colorado Plateau.In addition to
healing herbs, other topics include foraging for edibles, Ayurveda and
essential oils.

The Forest Garden
adventures in the wild woodland heart of British Columbia. An
herbalist’s journey with gardening, wild plants, and medicine making in
the southernmost Boreal forest.

The Herbal Insider
Herbal Insider is a blog for the bulk herb supplier Herbal Advantage,
Inc.  This blog was started in May 2008, it has many good informative
articles covering various aspects of alternative health.  It also has
growing information for the natural sweetener plant called Stevia.

The Herbalists Path
A blog by Angie Goodloe.

The Herbarium
Blog for Traditional Herbalists in Times of Transition.

The Outdoor Apothecary
The Outdoor Apothecary inspires naturally minded people to live with the seasons, connect with nature, and protect their health through herbal living. We offer articles, tips, recipes and ideas on simple herbal remedies, foraging, gardening and reconnecting ourselves to our natural world and sacred ancestral traditions.

The Sacred Gardener
In everything we do we aim to honor the ancient agreements with Nature. These agreements, which enabled our ancestors to survive and allow us to be here now, have largely been forgotten by western culture. We are remembering Earth culture—sharing visions and teaching skills of traditional living—indigenous skills, herbalism, permaculture and sustainable building. As the seeds of wisdom inside us are watered and awaken, our connection grows and a more meaningful dimension is revealed.

The Urban Herbalist
Urban Herbalist is a blog about my adventures traveling the world as a
western herbalist in many foreign places. I’m a mother with a very
herbal 2 year old, a doula and a wife who addresses all the issues I see
on a daily basis. I’m from Northern California, lived in the UK last
year and now am in Tanzania for the next couple of years. 

The Wild Pharma

West Coast Island Herbs

The Way of the Wild Heart
a blog by Gail Faith Edwards.

The Woodwife’s Journal
Join me as I
share my thoughts and how-tos about herbal remedies, personal care and
green cleaning, homemade soaps, whole foods, gardening, traditional
skills and much more. Classes offered throughout the year.

Thymes Ancient Remedies
blog covers what the title suggests, primarily herbs, herbal profiles,
medicine making, and learnings from adventures and conferences I have
attended. Though, since food is also medicine (said Hippocrates , I also
cover healthy food, ferments, simple living, and natural herbal beauty
products and cleaning. If you like a how-to blog, instead of just
information, this blog is for you!

Todd Caldecott’s Blog

Tree Hugger Survival
Herbalism and Wilderness First Aid.

Under Root Healing
Root Healing’s blog is about healing plants, balance, food, meditation,
yoga, journeys, and the sacred. This blog will hopefully provide some
insight into the healing and balancing power of connecting to nature’s

Village Herbalist
A Blog by Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir.

Wandering Herb – Robin Klanott
Herbal health journey, adventures, education,sharing, recipes and seasonal products.

What You Once Knew
About plants in general as food, medicine, weaving material, and for other utilitarian uses.

Whispering Earth
A blog by Lucinda Warner.

Wild Blessings
A blog about Wild Foods.

Wild Woman of the Woods
I am an apprentice herbwife, learning the many uses of our wild native plants for wholeness and healing by making and using herbal remedies for myself, family & friends. I have created this blog to share what I learn about herbs and herbal remedies. It is illustrated with photographs of herbs through the seasons and of making home-made herbal remedies.

Wise Child Learning
Child Learning celebrates the magic of herbs, natural mystery, story,
song, folktales, children’s literature, and more in herbal learning
adventures for your child, yourself, your family, and communities.  This
blog offers activities, musings, and more for sharing the green spirit
with children.

Woolgathering and Wildcrafting
Herbal wanderings, plant ruminations, and the magic of every day living in Southern Appalachia. 

Musing Herbs and WellnessNew Mexico herbalist, Kristi Beguin, muses topics pertaining to herbal medicine, women’s health, and random moments in life.

Yuba Botanicals
A new blog by budding herbalist Holly Torgerson with posts about plants, herbalism, medicine making, food and wild things.

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